Nintendo’s new diet: A health kick to bulk up revenues while trimming your waistline

Nintendo’s president, Satoru Iwata, outlined a new 10-year strategy for the company, which includes focusing on improving people’s quality of life, or “QOL” for short. In the letter sent to shareholders and investors today, Iwata remains vague about the videogame company’s plans, but says it has set “health” as a new theme for its first… Read More


Mario Kart, Zelda remakes coming to Wii U

Some of Nintendo’s all-time great games are making a comeback. President Satoru Iwata announced today on a Nintendo Direct Webcast that a 3D Super Mario Series, Mario Kart and two Legend of Zelda games are all in the works for the Wii U. The GameCube game The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is being remade… Read More


VIDEO: Nintendo president hosts official Wii U sneak peek ‘unboxing ceremony’

You’ve likely watched an at-home unboxing of a new gadget on the internet. But probably not an official one … from a company president … who wears white gloves during the process. That’s exactly what Nintendo president Satoru Iwata does in the video above with the company’s new Wii U game console and its touch-screen GamePad controller. It’s… Read More