Expanded SAP deal gives Microsoft new ammunition against Amazon and Google

An expanded partnership between Microsoft and enterprise software giant SAP, announced this morning, has the potential to boost Windows Phone and help the Redmond company compete more effectively against its two of its biggest rivals in the cloud, Amazon and Google. Under the deal, SAP plans to certify Microsoft Azure for a number of the company’s cloud solutions by the… Read More


SAP arrives in Seattle, looking for hot analytics startups

SAP, the 40-year-old German enterprise software company, is making a big push right now to engage with startup companies with a new program known as Startup Focus. Similar in structure to Microsoft’s BizSpark effort, SAP’s goal is to get early adoption of its newly-launched high-performance database program known as HANA. But it also hopes to learn… Read More


Kindle Fire will outsell iPad, Windows Phone will rebound, and six other tech predictions

Facebook will go public in 2012. Apple will lose some of its innovative edge without Steve Jobs. And the majority of Americans will be driving electric vehicles by the year 2022. Those were some of the predictions last night as the Washington Technology Industry Association hosted their annual Predictions Dinner. I had the distinct honor, once… Read More


Microsoft offers cash to Oracle, SAP and Salesforce customers

Microsoft this morning made a new overture to customers of Oracle, and SAP — offering $150 in cash per user to companies that switch to Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM Online from the competing customer-relationship management services. The company made the offer on the eve of’s Dreamforce conference in San Francisco. Microsoft issued an open letter… Read More