Amazon and Samsung partner on special Kindle app, book deals

A specialized app called “Kindle for Samsung” will debut this month, starting on the Samsung Galaxy S5, under an agreement announced this morning between Amazon and Samsung. Under the partnership, Samsung tablet and smartphone users will also get one free Kindle book a month. The deal is notable in part because Amazon is separately poised to become… Read More

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Researcher’s 1991 video could torpedo Apple’s key ‘slide to unlock’ patent

A video from a researcher could spell curtains for one of the key patents in Apple’s ongoing litigation against Samsung. The 1991 video, entitled “Touchscreen Toggle Design,” features University of Maryland researcher Catherine Plaisant showing off a number of ways to model a touchscreen toggle that users can control. One of the toggles (shown at… Read More


Apple wins $930M in patent dispute with Samsung, but judge won’t block sales

Federal Judge Lucy Koh has awarded almost $930 million in damages to Apple, after deciding that a number of Samsung’s devices infringed on Apple’s patents. However, Koh denied Apple’s request for a permanent injunction blocking the sales of those devices in America. Apple did not show that the patented features, including the iconic pinch-to-zoom gesture,… Read More


Glympse adds Foursquare-like location sharing to Samsung messaging app

Seattle-based Glympse has partnered with ChatON to enable its users to share their location with a friend through the Samsung-owned messaging platform. The announcement is being made today — or technically tonight in Barcelona — ahead of Mobile World Congress, the massive wireless show, that begins Monday. While Glympse has announced a new partnership almost… Read More


Samsung pulls further ahead of Apple as smartphone shipments top 1 billion worldwide

Smartphone makers sold 1 billion handsets worldwide last year, according to a report by IDC this morning. And nobody has more reason to be happy than Samsung. The South Korean electronics company sold 313.9 million smartphones last year, up 42.9 percent over 2012. Last quarter, the company sold 82 million smartphones, continuing to widen its overall… Read More


Study shows Microsoft outpacing Apple in battle for tech consumer mindshare

A new study from Forrester may surprise you: Microsoft — not Apple — is doing a better job of building its consumer brand. The study was based on brand resonance (preference over other brands, referral, willingness to pay a premium price), in addition to Forrester’s “TRUE brand compass research,” which analyzes how trusted, remarkable, unmistakeable… Read More


Amazon unveils partners for 4K streaming video

CES is always home to a slew of new television-related tech buzz, and this year is no different. Amazon announced today that it is partnering with Lionsgate, 20th Century Fox, Discovery, Samsung and others to bring 4K video to its streaming service. 4K is the nickname given to the next generation of ultra-high-definition video. 4K… Read More


Smartwatch Diary: The good, bad and ugly of wearing a Samsung Galaxy Gear for the past week

It’s been fun wearing Samsung’s new Galaxy Gear smartwatch for the past week. Nearly everyone who sees it has some sort of reaction: “That’s so cool,” or, “it’s totally from the future,” or, “that looks like a kitchen appliance,” or, “when are they going to design one for girls?” I’ve wanted to test out Samsung’s… Read More

Samsung Vice President Eric Anderson announces the company's new SDKs

Samsung’s new second-screen TV tech aims to compete with Apple TV, Chromecast

SAN FRANCISCO – There’s a new player in the second-screen market: Samsung. At today’s Samsung Developers Conference in San Francisco, the company announced a slew of new software development kits that allow developers on Samsung’s platform to connect their Samsung mobile devices to the company’s slate of smart TVs. The new Multiscreen SDK, which is slated… Read More


Record profit for Samsung, first quarterly loss for HTC

The difference between two of the most well-known smartphone makers could hardly be more stark these days. Samsung issued earnings guidance overnight for record operating profit of at least $9.2 billion in the third quarter, with about two-thirds of that coming from its mobile business, including its dominant Android-based smartphones. It’s doing well enough that one of… Read More