New Jersey to Tesla: No direct car sales for you!

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission approved a rule today that bars car manufacturers like Tesla from selling vehicles directly to the public. Instead, all car sales in the state must take place through franchises. That’s a big problem for the electric car maker, which currently only sells its vehicles through company-owned stores, rather than… Read More


Commentary: Outdated regulations threaten a connected and competitive future

Microsoft.  Amazon.  Expedia. These are among the tech giants that are household names and have grown and flourished in the Pacific Northwest.  Another generation—companies like Mobisante, Inrix and BYNDL—are raising capital, hiring and innovating at a pace that rivals tech hubs elsewhere in the U.S. While it doesn’t enjoy the geek glamor of Silicon Valley,… Read More


On trust and privacy: Why I no longer trust Google

[Guest commentary by Kathy Gill] Trust. It’s a key factor in any successful relationship, whether that relationship is between two people or a person and an organization. Although Google hasn’t been battered with privacy-related consumer trust headlines as frequently as Facebook, it has flirted with trust issues since at least 2004. That’s when Dave Winer warned:… Read More