Kevin Hurst, eBay Portland's general manager

As eBay’s Portland office pushes past 200 employees, Kevin Hurst is named general manager

EBay has tasked Kevin Hurst with getting the word out that it’s aggressively hiring in Portland. As part of the announcement, Hurst, who was eBay’s former VP of mobile product, will become the office’s general manager. It’s been known for some time that eBay had leased additional office space in Portland, but in an interview this morning, Hurst told GeekWire how many people… Read More


College grads would rather work at Microsoft over Amazon, Facebook

Maybe it’s the wacky and awesome commercials they’ve been putting out. Or it could be company’s reputation as an impressive charitable organization. Whatever the reason, college grads seem to want to work at Microsoft over places like Amazon and Facebook. That’s the finding from Universum USA, a global research and advisory company for employers that… Read More


Take that, Marissa Mayer: This startup’s ‘nomadic engineer’ program lets developers work wherever they want

We’ve seen tech companies do all sorts of crazy things to attract talented engineers — giving away cash, cars and more. But this is a new one on us. Pathable, a six-year-old Seattle startup that specializes in building social networks for events, just launched a “nomadic engineer” program in which it plans to pay engineers… Read More


Microsoft sees charitable efforts as key recruiting tool for young talent

While high-tech companies like Google and Facebook have made it tougher for Microsoft to recruit and retain top employees and engineers over the years, the Redmond-based software giant believes that its philanthropic efforts are attracting talent now more than ever. Brad Smith, Microsoft’s general counsel, sat down with reporters after Microsoft marked its 30th Employee… Read More


Twitter opens doors on new Seattle engineering office

We’ve certainly been intrigued with all of the Silicon Valley tech giants that have opened offices in the Seattle area in recent months, from eBay to Facebook to Jawbone to Zynga. Now, Twitter is officially fluttering into Seattle with its very own engineering office near Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market, not too far from Facebook’s… Read More


Chart: Technology job posts are on the rise in Seattle

Last week, Payscale released a report showing that Seattle is one of the hottest markets for startup technology jobs. Now, here comes more evidence of the fact that technology companies continue to look for tech talent in the region, from giants like to small startups. said that tech job posts on the site… Read More


Does working at Microsoft really turn your brain numb?

Call it the Silicon Valley invasion. Facebook, Google, HP, Zynga and — driven by an insatiable need for talented software engineers — have all established fast-growing engineering centers in the Seattle area in recent years to mine the riches of the Northwest tech community. But what’s the real reason they are all coming here?… Read More


Get hired at this startup, and they’ll pay for your exotic travel each year

Some technology companies attract employees with catered lunches, on-site massages and stock options. But Buuteeq — a Seattle startup that just landed $3.5 million – has a secret recruiting weapon in its back pocket. It’s called Trotamundo. Join the upstart, and you’ll be encouraged to travel to beautiful hotels and lodges in China, Mexico and Chile… Read More