Gotta go: Founders of Amazon-owned Diapers.com quit

After spending years helping parents change diapers, Marc Lore and Vinit Bharara have decided it’s time for their own change — not diapers, but careers. The co-founders of Amazon-owned Quidsi have left the company, the Wall Street Journal reported this afternoon. The Quidsi “About Us” page still lists the founders bios, although an automated-reply sent back to the… Read More


Walmart versus Amazon: The next great tech battle?

One of the most fascinating rivalries going on in tech right now isn’t between Apple and Microsoft. Or Google and Facebook. It’s actually the battle for online retail dollars between Walmart and Amazon.com, a fight for the hearts and minds of the world’s shoppers. Through its Walmart Labs unit, the giant Arkansas retailer is investing… Read More


Is Amazon.com about to get all outdoorsy on REI? Job posts indicate new sports site

Should REI start sweating about Amazon.com, its new neighbor in the South Lake Union neighborhood? Job postings from Amazon’s Quidsi unit indicate that the company may be getting ready to put its foot down in a new category: outdoor sports. Quidsi has launched a number of key vertical shopping sites in recent months, including Wag.com (Pets) and YoYo.com… Read More


Amazon unit expands into groceries, selling tea to jam

In Seattle, Amazon.com customers have long been able to purchase groceries and have them delivered to the doorstep. Now, the company’s Quidsi unit — best known for its Soap.com and Diapers.com brands — is making its own grocery push. However, unlike Amazon Fresh, Quidsi’s new service will not include its own delivery trucks and its… Read More


Amazon’s Quidsi unit spins out new toy site YoYo.com

Quidsi, the folks who revolutionized the way moms and dads buy diapers online, now have a new category in mind: toys. The unit of Amazon.com today is rolling out a new toy site called YoYo.com which offers more than 20,000 collectibles, games, books, puzzles and more. “YoYo.com helps every type of gift giver find the… Read More


Shades of Pets.com: Amazon unveils online pet store Wag.com

There aren’t any dog-talking sock puppets to be seen. But Amazon.com is doing its best to bring back one of the biggest dot-com bombs of the late 1990s. Operating through its newly-acquired Quidsi unit (best known for Diapers.com), Amazon today is unveiling a new online pet store called Wag.com. “At Wag.com, our mission is to make… Read More