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Parallax meets puzzles: How this startup embraced iOS 7

People who solve selected puzzles in the newly revamped Puzzazz app for iPad and iPhone will get a little visual reward: Lines appearing to float over the puzzle, using the parallax effect to highlight a specific pattern in the solution. It’s an extreme example of how Apple’s iOS 7 design philosophy is starting to spread through the… Read More


Innovation of the Year? Vote here in the GeekWire Awards

It’s time to vote in one of the most hotly contested categories in the GeekWire Awards: Innovation of the Year. Our five finalists are below, as selected by our panel of judges from your nominations. These homegrown Pacific Northwest technologies include an innovative application of social media, an ambitious commercial space venture, a novel input technology for iPhone… Read More


This Kickstarter campaign is a puzzle fan’s dream — and a puzzle unto itself

Puzzazz, the Redmond-based puzzle technology startup, is turning its creative energy loose on Kickstarter with a new campaign to fund a year-long “puzzle hunt” — aiming to bring a puzzling tradition to a wider audience and support the ecosystem of independent puzzle constructors. A puzzle hunt is a collection of unique puzzles that combine to… Read More


Kindle Touch breakthrough: Startup debuts handwriting recognition in puzzle book

Puzzle technology startup Puzzazz is giving Amazon’s Kindle Touch a capability that even Amazon didn’t envision — letting users input numbers and letters by writing them naturally with a finger on the screen, rather than tapping at the e-reader’s tiny on-screen keyboard. The new TouchWrite technology, developed internally by Puzzazz, recognizes those invisible scribbles and… Read More


Books are books, and Apple gets it

Guest Commentary: In 1981, when IBM introduced the IBM PC, Apple ran a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal that said “Welcome, IBM. Seriously.” The ad was controversial at the time, the mouse tweaking the lion. But Apple actually needed IBM to legitimize the business. Before IBM shipped the PC, it was still possible… Read More


Can ebooks fuel innovation? Startups explore the potential

A group of startups met up this week in Redmond for the first Ebook Innovation Summit, a small gathering of companies involved in different aspects of the electronic book business — spending the day demonstrating their latest projects and talking about their common challenges. The summit highlighted the emergence of an innovative segment of the startup… Read More


Geek of the Week: Chip Brown of Puzzazz on puzzles, bees and making a clock from scratch

Chip Brown, our latest Geek of the Week, spends his days immersed in puzzles and technology as the chief architect for Puzzazz, the Seattle-area startup known for products including puzzle e-books for Kindle. But his personal life is just as interesting, with hobbies ranging from beekeeping to a playing a challenging variation of Scrabble known… Read More