German publishers file antitrust complaint against Amazon over e-book pricing

While Amazon continues its own contract disputes with Hachette Book Group, now the Seattle company is dealing with another publisher-related problem across the pond. German publishers submitted a formal antitrust complaint and have asked the Federal Cartel Office to investigate Amazon for violating Germany’s competition laws over its e-book negotiation practices. For the past two months, Amazon has delayed shipments of books… Read More


Long-time comic book publisher Fantagraphics using Kickstarter to help save business

It has been a rough last couple of months for the folks at Fantagraphics, the Seattle-based comic book and graphic novel publisher founded in 1976. Fantagraphics founding partner Kim Thompson passed away in June, leaving some big shoes to fill. Thompson edited Fantagraphics’ European novels, and his death resulted in the cancelation of 13 titles… Read More


Publisher on Amazon: ‘No American monopoly has ever been so cozy with the government’

President Barack Obama is scheduled to speak at an Amazon fulfillment center Tuesday to discuss the economy and some independent book publishers are livid about it. Dennis Johnson, the founder of independent publisher Melville House, ripped the Seattle online giant in a recent blog post, writing that “no American monopoly has ever been so cozy… Read More


Children’s books on steroids: Nation9 brings stories to life on your tablet

Sometimes, we all wish we could go back to being a lovely little toddler again. That’s even more true with what startup companies like Nation9 are doing to revolutionize children’s books. Seattle-based Nation9 is a next-generation digital and interactive publisher. The company, founded in November 2011 and based in Kirkland, publishes its own line of… Read More