Sergey Brin: Google glasses for consumers in 2014

Google yesterday surprised developers at its Google I/O conference by delivering its augmented reality glasses to the Moscone Center stage via skydivers and announcing that attendees would have the exclusive rights to preorder a preliminary version of the glasses for $1,500, shipping early next year. But when will average consumers be able to get their… Read More


Google’s geeky glasses, now with a handy patent

Google has patented the design on its “Project Glass” high-tech spectacles. Now, no one else can copy the snazzy look of the official Google glasses that will guide you around town. Engadget spotted the patent filings earlier today. As documented in the promotional video below, the augmented reality eyewear can tell you stuff, like the temperature outside; it can… Read More


Google reveals Project Glass: Is this your augmented reality?

Google is providing the first public glimpse of the augmented-reality glasses being developed by its Google X research group under the name “Project Glass.” But the initial images shown by the Project Glass team via its Google+ page reveal that the “glasses” aren’t really glasses in the traditional sense. Instead they’re frames that house a small device… Read More