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Growth market: Legalized marijuana creates ‘huge possibilities’ for startups

Want weed? Welcome to Seattle. Tuesday is opening day for Washington’s first recreational marijuana shops. Yep, that’s right — anyone 21 years and older can purchase a product that has been illegal across America for decades. Having passed I-502 in November 2012, Washington will become the second state after Colorado to regulate and oversee licensed growers and marijuana shop owners. It’s… Read More


Business budding for marijuana startup as investors change attitude after legalization

With the former president of Mexico beside him high up in Seattle’s tallest skyscraper, Diego Pellicer founder Jamen Shivley announced to the world last Thursday plans to turn his commercial marijuana company into the Starbucks of Pot. While the press conference produced headlines across the globe, it also drew the ire of Washington’s “Pot Czar” Mark Kleiman, who called Shively… Read More


Ex-Microsoft manager acquiring medical cannabis dispensaries for national pot business

When he formally announced Diego Pellicer last December, Jamen Shivley said he wanted his marijuana business to be a “first-mover.” Now he’s starting to make that happen. The former Microsoft corporate manager held a press conference today in downtown Seattle that included former Mexico president Vicente Fox. Shively announced that his company has acquired the rights… Read More