Asteroid mining company flooded with job applications

Planetary Resources, the Bellevue-based company that this week unveiled plans to launch robotic spacecraft to mine asteroids, has received nearly 1,000 job applications since making its announcement. The company cited the figure in a post on Twitter a short time ago, adding, “Thrilled to see all the enthusiasm!!!” At least on the technical side, it… Read More


Science fiction writers inspired as asteroid miners make fiction fact

It was the very last question at the news conference announcing Planetary Resources’ plans to find mineral-rich asteroids, pull them into near-Earth orbit, and mine them. Did science fiction play a role? The response was an accurate, but unsatisfyingly vague, “Science fiction is fiction right up to the point that it’s science fact.” The Seattle area, which hosted… Read More


Meet Arkyd, the asteroid-hunting robot spaceship

After the big Planetary Resources asteroid-mining news conference today, the executives behind the venture talked more casually with reporters next to the stage. Next to them was a full-scale version of their Arkyd robotic spacecraft. Chris Lewicki, the NASA Mars Rover veteran who is the company’s president and “chief asteroid miner,” gave a guided tour…. Read More


Space robot company may pull an asteroid into orbit

More details emerged today about Planetary Resources, and the Bellevue-based startup’s plans are sounding more and more like something out of a science fiction novel. One idea the company is considering: Bringing an asteroid into orbit near Earth to allow robots to mine it for precious metals, according to a New York Times article today… Read More


Mining a $20 trillion asteroid? New clues emerge about space robot startup

We’ve been digging up details this week about a Seattle-area startup that is developing robots to explore space, led by the former flight director for NASA’s Mars Rover missions, along with some of the biggest names in commercial spaceflight, and backed by investors and advisers including Google’s Larry Page and Eric Schmidt, along with filmmaker James Cameron. What… Read More