Showrooming while car shopping: How mobile devices affect automotive retail

A new study reveals that a majority of car shoppers are now using their smartphones while at automotive dealerships to do further research on factors that influence their final purchase. Cars.com partnered with Seattle-based location analytics startup Placed, which measures more than 100 million locations a day across more than 100,000 U.S. users who have opted-in to… Read More


Here’s how TV ad spending translated into in-store traffic for retailers on Black Friday

There’s no doubt retailers spent quite a bit of advertising money last week leading up to Thanksgiving weekend. It is tough, however, to measure the return on those expenditures. But a unique study provides some answers thanks to Seattle-based location analytics startup Placed and Kantar Media Ad Intelligence. Using Placed’s physical location data and Kantar’s… Read More


Walmart tops list of most visited retailers on Thanksgiving

In a development that shocked nobody, Walmart was the most-visited retailer on Thanksgiving, according to new rankings published by Placed, a Seattle-based location analytics company. While stores opening on Thanksgiving is still something of a controversial subject, that certainly has not stopped shoppers from all over rushing to get deals after finishing their turkey. Walmart,… Read More


Study: Black Friday shoppers most likely to showroom at bookstores

Smartphones are changing the way we go shopping at brick-and-mortar stores, and now a new study shows how people plan on using their devices this Black Friday. Seattle location analytics startup Placed, which measures more than 100 million locations a day across more than 100,000 U.S. users who have opted-in to share their location, found that nearly half… Read More


Study: ESPN viewers more likely to visit car dealerships

There’s a new television season coming up this fall, and that means new insights about product placement are here. Placed, the Seattle location analytics startup, today released new numbers that look at how television watchers engage with brands who spend money to get in front of viewer eyeballs. According to the study, companies will spend $66.4 billion in… Read More


Placed Insights reveal how much Americans love fast food and McDonald’s

America sure loves its fast food. That’s the latest from the April rankings of Placed Insights, a platform that is essentially the Nielsen TV ratings system or Google Analytics, but for the offline world. Seattle location analytics startup Placed unveiled the service last month, which tracks the paths and places of U.S. consumers and quantifies it to bring… Read More


Placed Insights reveals where people shop most; McDonald’s, Walmart, Subway lead the way

After two years of hard work, a name-change and an incredible amount of data crunching, Placed has become the first company to offer a ratings service to help understand where people are going in the physical world.  “This is everything that Placed has been working on these past two years,” CEO David Shim said. The Seattle location analytics… Read More


Placed offers way for app developers to make money from user location data

App developers can already monetize location data of its users, but often times it comes with messy and disruptive advertisements. Placed, a Seattle location analytics startup, has a better solution. Today the company introduced a new product called Placed Affiliate, which lets developers monetize location data for market research, not ads. “Placed believes that location is the currency for mobile,… Read More


Placed study reveals how Amazon is impacting brick-and-mortar retailers

Online shopping has brought upon a new phenomenon called showrooming, a term describing the act of browsing brick-and-mortar stores and then later making the purchase it online often at a cheaper price. With the abundance of smartphones, showrooming is taking place around stores more than ever and companies like Target and Best Buy have already implemented year-round… Read More


Giving back made easy: New Placed app lets you donate to charity by installing app

Privacy is important and understandably, people often opt-out of having their location tracked by certain apps. But a new app from Seattle location analytics startup Placed encourages tracking by allowing users to make charitable donations in exchange for having their location tracked. The new service is called Give 2 Charity. Users install the app, grant it location… Read More


Want rewards? New Placed app offers incentives for having your location tracked

Some people would do anything to avoid having their location tracked via their mobile devices. But Seattle startup Placed today introduced a free app that encourages people to let companies track their location in exchange for possible rewards. It’s called Placed Panels, and it lets marketers create a unique panel for their company for free and recruit participants,… Read More


Tech Moves: Microsoft tech evangelist named Aditi CTO; Microsoft’s China CEO quits; etc.

Wade Wegner, the former director of technical evangelism at Microsoft, has been named chief technology officer at Bellevue-based Aditi Technologies. At Microsoft, he was responsible for leading the team that played a role in driving Microsoft’s technical strategy for the cloud computing platform Windows Azure. He was also the co-host of Microsoft’s Cloud Cover Show… Read More