Comcast wants to give pirates a legal alternative to torrenting: Make them paying customers

The cat-and-mouse game between media companies and pirates has a long and sordid history. Currently, “big content” is relying on the Copyright Alert System, a “six-strikes” program that warns users pirating media a half-dozen times before throttling their download speeds. According to a report by Variety, there may be a different system on the horizon. Comcast… Read More


Microsoft tops Google’s list of copyright removal requests

Microsoft is more active than any other company in asking Google to remove from its index websites that infringe on the Redmond company’s copyrights, according to a new Google report. New stats from the search giant show that Microsoft and its agents requested the removal of more than 536,000 URLs from Google’s Index in the… Read More


Microsoft cautions ‘Piracy Lurks Everywhere’

To help inform small businesses of the risk of being lured by counterfeit software offerings, Microsoft has launched a worldwide online video awareness campaign that calls attention to software acquistion methods that may lead to purchasing pirated content.  The digital video campaign is designed to provide more information and heighten awareness of the risks associated… Read More

Matthew Inman

The Oatmeal vs. FunnyJunk over pirated online comics

Seattle’s Matthew Inman, better known as webcomic artist The Oatmeal, is loved by fans for his funny and biting observations on such topics as the technology world, the end of the world, and cats. Turns out some people like his work a little too much. Inman has recently become embroiled in a public struggle against site called FunnyJunk that… Read More