VIDEO: Touring the remodeled HUB Seattle

OK, so it wasn’t quite an episode of MTV’s CRIBS, but we did our own little house tour of the HUB Seattle’s new downtown digs in the heart of Seattle’s Pioneer Square earlier this week. Check out the video to get a look at the remodeled business incubator and co-working space, which serves as a… Read More


City of Seattle looks to expand fiber leasing plan

Seattle’s excess fiber optic cabling is officially for sale. Mayor Mike McGinn released a request for information today to private companies who want to use the city’s 500 miles of unused cabling throughout the city. “We are moving ahead on expanding our next-generation infrastructure, helping Seattle compete in the global economy,” McGinn said in a… Read More


Pioneer Square tower plan: Jenga puzzle meets Borg ship

For a while now we’ve been keeping an eye on developments in Pioneer Square as the Seattle neighborhood tries to make a comeback as a technology hum. More tech companies have been moving in, but one of the neighborhood’s big needs is more residential life, to keep the area populated after the workday. A key development project… Read More


Mayor McGinn convenes startup roundtable: Could these 5 ideas transform Seattle’s startup community?

Can the City of Seattle do more to support startups? That was the question raised Tuesday night by Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, as he brought together more than a dozen tech and startup leaders to share thoughts on what’s missing from the tech community. From tech incubators to private universities to startup job advertisements at… Read More


Isilon adding 200 jobs as it settles into Pioneer Square HQ

Isilon Systems, getting comfortable in its new digs in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood, said today that it plans to add 200 more workers locally over the next 15 months. The company has 430 people in Seattle currently, and 800 companywide. The data storage company says the growth will represent a 75 percent increase in employment… Read More


Seattle’s Pioneer Square has tech, needs tribe

It’s happened a couple times now. I walk to my car from Zeitgeist Coffee or gaze up at the old brick at Occidental Park and think, “Why don’t I hang out in Pioneer Square more often?” Then I look around, realize I’m one of two or three stragglers out and about at 7:30 p.m., and remember…. Read More

Comcast wins high-speed broadband contract for Seattle’s Pioneer Square

Comcast has won a high-profile contract to provide high-speed Internet access to businesses and residences in Pioneer Square, an important development given the number of Internet and gaming companies located in Seattle’s historic district. “Comcast has actually wanted to serve this area for years, because of its reputation as a business incubator,” said Comcast’s Todd… Read More

Seattle Underground (Photo via Rennett Stowe)

Is the ‘Seattle Underground’ the key to solving Pioneer Square’s Internet woes?

The solution to Pioneer Square’s Internet connectivity problems may be found in a cavernous, mid-19th century underworld. The City of Seattle is currently engaged in a plan to bring high-speed Internet to buildings in a four block area along First Avenue South, using the subterranean passageways in the neighborhood’s famous underground to string fiber optic cable… Read More


Exclusive: Zynga picks historic Pioneer Square building for office

Zynga, the fast growing maker of FarmVille, Mafia Wars and other social games, plans to establish its new engineering center in the Washington Shoe Building in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square neighborhood, GeekWire has learned. A Zynga spokeswoman today confirmed that the company plans to move into the six-floor brick building at 159 Jackson Street some… Read More