Google hires key Microsoft architect Blaise Agüera y Arcas

Google has made a big hire from Microsoft, bringing aboard Blaise Agüera y Arcas, the well-known software architect and designer who was among the Redmond company’s elite ranks of distinguished engineers. Agüera y Arcas is known for his work on services including Photosynth and Bing Maps. Although the hire hasn’t been announced publicly, the New York Times’ Nick… Read More


Microsoft’s new Photosynth takes 3D photo stitching to a new level of realism

Microsoft unveiled a preview of its third-generation Photosynth photo-stitching application today, showing off new levels of smoothness and resolution that add more realism to the resulting interactive 3D “synths.” The result feels at times more like an interactive video scene than a collection of photos. Here’s an example of a scene created by the new… Read More


Microsoft’s Photosynth gets a big Windows Phone update

Microsoft this morning released an update for its popular Photosynth app, bringing the panoramic photo-stitcher to Windows Phone 8 with an expanded feature set. The app lets users take pictures of a scene from a variety of angles and directions. It then stitches the photos together into a smooth interactive experience that can be navigated… Read More