Jeff Bezos

Amazon founder and brainiac Jeff Bezos donates $15 million to Princeton Neuroscience Institute

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen isn’t the only Seattle billionaire interested in the study of the brain. founder Jeff Bezos today announced that he’s donating $15 million to the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, creating what will be called the Bezos Center for Neural Circuit Dynamics. Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, graduated from Princeton with honors. The new… Read More


Serving beyond the innovation economy

Many people in the innovation ecosystem believe in helping out fellow innovators.  They are willing to share their knowledge, experiences and insights with others on topics ranging from scaling a software application to managing a sales organization. Giving back to the community is part of the culture. As someone who helps build companies for a… Read More


Giving back and paying forward

After nearly two decades of startup life, and over forty years of, well, life, I decided it was time to give back, and to help make the world a little better. By “give back,” I do not mean giving money to charity, volunteering at a soup kitchen or helping out at my kids’ schools, but… Read More

Melinda Gates

An ‘impatient’ Melinda Gates joins Twitter, tops 17,000 followers in a day thanks to Tweet from BillG

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates joined Twitter in January 2010, and has quickly assembled an audience of some 3.5 million followers. Now, Gates’ wife, Melinda, is joining the short-form communication channel. And — thanks to to a Tweet from her hubbie — she’s already attracted some 17,450 followers even though she’s just posted four Tweets to… Read More


Geek of the Week: Adnan Mahmud, Jolkona co-founder

Our latest Geek of the Week, Adnan Mahmud, thinks big about technology as a way to tackle the world’s problems. A Microsoftie by day, he’s also the co-founder of Jolkona, which provides an online platform for people to not only make philanthropic donations but also to track the impact. This month he’s engaged in a… Read More


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation bankroll project to turn ‘fecal sludge’ into biodiesel

An environmental engineering professor at Columbia University has been awarded a $1.5 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a new sanitation facility that could convert human fecal matter into biodiesel or methane gas. Professor Kartik Chandran said that the project – to be tested in Accra, Ghana — creates a low-cost biodiesel refinery… Read More

Bill Gates (GeekWire photo)

Bill Gates big on digital reading, voice recognition, ubiquitous screens

The Daily Mail of London’s Live magazine published an interesting and at times insightful interview with Bill Gates over the weekend. The purpose was to discuss an initiative to raise billions in funding for childhood immunizations. But the interview also delved into subjects including technology, Gates’ legacy and his post-Microsoft life. Some of our favorite nuggets … He… Read More

Bill Gates (GeekWire photo)

Bill Gates: What technology (and baseball) can teach schools

The challenges facing the U.S. education system may seem intractable, at times, but schools looking for inspiration could do worse than following the example of the iPhone, the Xbox, and baseball nerds. That was one of the unexpected messages last night from Bill Gates as he returned to the Microsoft campus in Redmond — to… Read More