Alaska Airlines’ $2.5M gift will fund Aerospace Education Center at Museum of Flight

Alaska Airlines will fund a new Aerospace Education Center at Seattle’s Museum of Flight with a gift of $2.5 million, aiming to promote and enable science, technology, engineering and math careers among students. The gift was announced this morning. Construction of the center, inside the Museum of Flight’s T.A. Wilson Great Gallery, is expected to… Read More


Melinda Gates ranks #3 on list of most powerful women

Move over Oprah. Melinda Gates is out to change the world, and she’s moving up the list of the most powerful women. Forbes released its annual ranking of the 100 most powerful women in the world, and Seattle’s very own philanthropic powerhouse ranked third behind German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff. I guess that’s what… Read More

Hadi Partovi

We need more geeks: Hadi and Ali Partovi form to solve the computer science education crisis

Ali and Hadi Partovi have used their entrepreneurial talents to change the music, advertising and communications industries. Now, the twin brothers are turning their sights to a much bigger problem: computer science education. In the words of Hadi Partovi, the dearth of computer scientists emerging from U.S. high schools and colleges is a “big hairy challenge”… Read More

Rich Barton

Vinod Khosla, Rich Barton lead Vittana’s new ‘League of Extraordinary Tech Superheroes’

Venture capital Vinod Khosla and Zillow co-founder Rich Barton have joined forces to bankroll Vittana, the Seattle non-profit that’s attempting to wipe out youth poverty through education-oriented microloans. The contributions of Khosla and Barton mark the largest in Vittana’s history, and set the organization on a path to become self sustainable. The exact amount of… Read More


Malcolm Gladwell: In 50 years, Bill Gates will be revered and Steve Jobs will be forgotten

In a recent appearance at the Toronto Public Library’s Appel Salon, author Malcolm Gladwell provided some fascinating remarks about the role of entrepreneurs in society, drawing some interesting conclusions about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Gladwell called Gates “the most ruthless capitalist” until the day when he “wakes up one morning and says… Read More


A ‘TB breathalyzer’ and other wild ideas backed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation today announced more than 100 winners of its Grand Challenges Explorations initiative, an effort whereby the foundation provides $100,000 grants to solving global health problems. Obviously, there are some big problems facing the planet, from lack of drinking water to airborne diseases to the methods by which immunizations are administered. And… Read More


Guest column: Let’s celebrate the geeks who ‘GiveBig’

Today is Seattle Foundation’s 1-day GiveBIG challenge. Seattleites will compete for $500,000 in matching donations for their favorite local charities. I’m really excited. Why? Some very worthy causes will get serious love today. And, it’ll show off Seattle’s electrifying intersection of technology and philanthropy. Expect your Twitter to light up like a 1985-vintage DeLorean strung… Read More

Melinda Gates

Jeff Bezos, Melinda Gates named to Academy of Arts and Sciences founder Jeff Bezos, philanthropist Melinda Gates and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center director Dr. Larry Corey are among those who’ve been named to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a more than 230-year old organization that recognizes scholars, scientists, writers, artists and philanthropic leaders. “Election to the Academy is both an honor for extraordinary accomplishment and… Read More

amazon-logo dubbed a corporate scrooge by hometown newspaper’s lack of philanthropic involvement in its hometown of Seattle is getting renewed attention as The Seattle Times kicked off a 4-part series on the company today. Reporters Kristi Heim and Amy Martinez explore how the giant online retailer is a “virtual no-show in hometown philanthropy,” writing that the company is “a minor player in local charitable… Read More


How a high-five changed this Microsoft GM’s life, and helped a bunch of kids

Bill Hilf spends his days as a general manager for Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud computing platform, based in Redmond. He spends his nights, weekends, vacations and spare moments running a program that uses basketball and other team sports to teach homeless and imprisoned kids in the Philippines about teamwork, friendship, commitment, trust and other values… Read More


Bill Gates: ‘Cheap energy is like a fantastic vaccine’

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is back in the news, talking about the importance of nuclear power. And while the software titan is bullish on the energy source, it will likely be another decade until we see a nuclear reactor from the Bellevue company he’s backing alongside Intellectual Ventures founder Nathan Myhrvold. Speaking at at The Wall… Read More

Paul Allen

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen donates $300M to help solve the mysteries of the human brain

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is doubling down on his efforts to better understand the human brain, announcing plans today to donate $300 million to the Allen Insitute of Brain Science. That brings total fundraising in the 9-year-old non-profit scientific organization to $500 million, one of the largest philanthropic commitments ever to fund neuroscience. In a… Read More


Bill Gates as modern-day Batman: Microsoft co-founder saves 5.8M lives (sans Batmobile)

The Frugal Dad has created an awesome infographic, detailing the impact that Bill Gates’ philanthropic efforts have had on the world. Taking a phrase from comedian and talk show host Jon Stewart, the Frugal Dad notes that the Microsoft co-founder is better than Batman. The infographic estimates that Gates — through donations to global health… Read More


Video: GameHouse chief almost loses shorts in charity hunger dip

It’s that time of year when members of the tech community give back. But RealNetworks executive Matt Hulett, who runs the company’s GameHouse unit, almost gave back a little too much in a stunt Tuesday morning. To cap a fundraising effort by RealNetworks for Northwest Harvest, Hulett and RealNetworks Chief Marketing Officer Judy Bitterli dove… Read More

Kushal Chakrabarti

Google joins with Seattle angels to bankroll non-profit education microloan upstart Vittana

Vittana, the Seattle non-profit that’s facilitating micro-loans to students in developing countries, has received a $250,000 grant from Google. Others backing the organization include entrepreneurs Hadi and Ali Partovi; former Microsoft VP Mike Murray; Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman; BuddyTV co-founder Andy Liu; Founder’s Co-op’s Chris DeVore; TeachStreet CEO Dave Schappell and others. Vittana founder Kushal Chakrabarti… Read More