Pew study: Half of Facebook, Twitter users find news on social media

Pew’s annual State of the Media report reveals some interesting data on the relationship between social media and digital news consumption in America. The study found that half of Facebook and Twitter users find news while on the social networks, whereas sites like Instagram, Tumbler and LinkedIn had far lower percentages. Overall, three in 10 Americans now… Read More


Pew study: 30% of Americans get news from Facebook

While nearly one-third of Americans find news via Facebook, they aren’t necessarily going to the social media hub searching for the latest headlines. Pew Research Center published a study that polled 5,173 adults on their news consumption habits on Facebook. Almost half — 47 percent — of adult Facebook users consume news on Facebook, which… Read More


Pew: 35% of Americans have tablets, up 10% from last year

The popularity of tablets continues to grow, according to the latest numbers from Pew. Pew’s research shows 35 percent of Americans 16 and older now owning a tablet, up 10 percent from one year ago. Though that’s not as steep of an increase from December 2011 to November 2012, when tablet ownership jumped 15 percent. In… Read More


More than just books: Pew study details how technology has changed libraries

We’ve seen brick-and-mortar booksellers close down all over the country due to online retailers like Amazon. Will public libraries follow suit and vanish from the earth? It doesn’t seem like it, at least not according to an extensive Pew Internet report just released that shows how people feel about reinventing libraries. Pew asked 2,252 Americans ages 16… Read More


Chart: Who is using Twitter?

Do you use Twitter on a daily basis? If so, you are one of eight percent of Americans who do so. That’s the latest statistic from a report out by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project. As you’ll see in the chart above, daily Twitter use is on the rise, from two percent… Read More