Our weightless wait is over: Zero-g flight arriving soon

We’ve got asteroid miners, space elevator builders, and rocket makers galore, not to mention world-class space investors like Jeff Bezos and Paul Allen. Space is now a $150m+ business in Washington state, home to dozens of companies employing hundreds of people. Little surprise, then, that Seattle makes it to a short list of US cities to… Read More


Planetary Resources founder: ‘Humans will migrate off Earth in the next 30 years’

Can you imagine packing your belongings and hopping on a spaceship to go live on another planet for the rest of your life? Eric Anderson, co-founder of Bellevue-based asteroid mining company Planetary Resources, certainly can. Anderson gave a great talk at this week’s Hacker News Meetup, a monthly get-together of geeks who like reading Hacker News. The… Read More