Surface Pro 3: Why Penny Arcade’s Gabe is struggling with Microsoft’s new tablet

Comic strip artist Mike Krahulik, better known as Penny Arcade’s Gabe, was an early adopter of Microsoft’s Surface Pro — writing favorably about the original version of the tablet last year from the perspective of an artist who uses a digital pen in combination with Photoshop and sketching programs. Krahulik is already using the new Surface Pro 3, on loan… Read More


PAX to feature ‘Diversity Hub & Lounge’ following controversies

According to a report by Indie Statik, this year’s upcoming Penny Arcade Expos will feature a “Roll for Diversity Hub & Lounge,” based on documents leaked by somebody close to Penny Arcade’s plans, which Kotaku says have been verified by the company. The move follows a number of related controversies surrounding Penny Arcade, the Seattle-based… Read More


Penny Arcade shutters video network and news site

Seattle area-based gaming comic Penny Arcade has decided to roll back its empire-building plans. The Penny Arcade Report, the company’s video game news site, has shut its doors, and Penny Arcade TV, the company’s platform for gaming-related videos, will no longer release new content from third parties come January 1. The fourth season of Penny… Read More


Inside PAX’s 6-Hour Sellout: ‘The crush was insane’

At 10:38 AM Wednesday, the Bat-Signal for gaming geeks lit up Seattle’s cloudy skies: It’s time!PAX Prime badges have gone live! — PAX (@Official_PAX) April 17, 2013 Tickets for the tenth annual Penny Arcade Expo (PAX Prime)—running four days for the first time this year over Labor Day weekend—went on sale this week, but if… Read More


Penny Arcade’s Kickstarter project aims to dump site ads

Everybody’s doing Kickstarter, so why not Gabe and Tycho, too? That’s the news today from Penny Arcade, the Seattle-based media and conference company that has grown up around the popular Penny Arcade Expo events and Penny Arcade webcomic, featuring the alter egos of writer Jerry Holkins and artist Mike Krahulik. Penny Arcade has launched a Kickstarter… Read More


Name that Tech Tune: What is this classic arcade game?

[Updated below with answer and winners] This week on the GeekWire podcast and radio show, we have a new installment of our Name That Tech Tune contest, with an audio clip selected in honor of our in-studio guest, Robert Khoo of Penny Arcade — the Seattle-based media company behind the hit Penny Arcade webcomic and… Read More


Penny Arcade expands empire with new developer event

Interesting news this weekend from the team behind the ever-growing Penny Arcade Expo, better known as PAX: Building on the momentum from their perennially sold-out event in Seattle and their new installment in Boston, they’re adding a new conference to the lineup, specifically — and exclusively — for game developers. The new PAX Dev 2011… Read More