A rendering of the planned project. (Credit: Vulcan Inc.)

Amazon HQ getting even bigger with 2 new buildings

Amazon.com is expanding its footprint again in Seattle with an agreement to occupy a new 380,000-square-foot project on the edge of its existing headquarters campus in the South Lake Union neighborhood. Paul Allen’s Vulcan Inc. announced the plan this afternoon, saying that it is working with Amazon on the project. The development will consist of… Read More

Amazon's South Lake Union campus. Photo via bytesrc

Paul Allen’s Vulcan looks to sell Amazon.com campus

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has spent years revamping Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood, first with the failed Commons project in the 1990s and most recently with a massive redevelopment of the area that now houses Amazon.com’s multi-building campus. Now, Allen is looking to sell a portion of the jigsaw puzzle of buildings he’s helped assemble… Read More


Live on Twitter, Paul Allen covers battleship salvage

When he’s not partying with has-been celebs, Paul Allen is hosting a salvage crew aboard his Octopus yacht — and reporting back to the world about what’s happening. In a series of tweets started earlier today, the Microsoft co-founder is documenting the recovery process of the bell from the HMS Hood battleship in the North Atlantic…. Read More

Paul Allen's yacht, Octopus will set forth on a different mission following the London Olympics. (Photo: Ken Hodge, via Flickr)

Paul Allen megayacht to aid recovery of British warship’s lost bell from 1941 sinking

Who said billionaire Paul Allen’s megayacht, The Octopus, was just for all night ragers and Antonio Banderas dance offs? Following Allen’s much ballyhooed docking at the London Olympics, the Microsoft co-founder will use his 414-foot yacht for the good of the British people. Partnering with the British Royal Navy, Allen’s crew will assist in the… Read More


Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen bankrolls Siluria in ambitious attempt to find an oil alternative

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital is co-leading a $30 million investment in Siluria Technologies, a San Francisco company that’s developing methods to convert natural gas into plastics, chemicals and transportation fuels. Siluria uses methane, which is the key component of natural gas and the world’s most abundant hydrocarbon, in a conversion process that includes advanced nanotechnology,… Read More


Bill Gates and Paul Allen: Friendship on the mend?

The publication of Paul Allen’s book last year reportedly caused a “rift” with his Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates, over Allen’s unvarnished and at times very unflattering portrayal of Gates. But it looks they may have patched things up, in the spirit of the Olympics. At the very least, they’re hanging out again. A report this… Read More

Justin Bieber

No joke: Justin Bieber, Paul Allen’s Vulcan sued over loudness at Portland concert

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has been tied up in all sorts of lawsuits during his technology career. That just goes with the territory when you become a multi-billionaire in the software industry. Lawsuits happen. But, we’ve got to say, this is among the most bizarre legal actions we’ve ever seen. (OK, perhaps just behind FunnyJunk’s lawyer… Read More

The Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering (Ed LaCasse photo)

Forget MIT and Stanford: UW computer science department wins high praise in NYT piece

A few weeks ago, I interviewed Madrona Venture Group’s Matt McIlwain and asked him pointedly to name one missing ingredient that’s holding back Seattle’s technology community. The veteran venture capitalist didn’t hesitate, suggesting that outsiders (and even Seattleites to some degree) don’t fully appreciate what’s being built around them. “The Pacific Northwest culture of humility… Read More


Paul Allen and Intel Capital bankroll Sand 9 to reduce dropped calls on cell phones

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital has joined with Intel Capital and other investors to bankroll Sand 9, a Cambridge, Massachusetts company working on technologies for micro-electromechanical systems or MEMS. The company says that its timing devices ensure synchronicity and stable operation in complex electronic devices such as smarthphones, tablet computers and communications infrastructure equipment. That… Read More


Evri spins out SportStream with $3.5M from Paul Allen

Seattle startup Evri was founded in 2007, designed to help people make better sense of news and information. A lot has changed since then, especially given the rise of tablets and mobile computers. Now, the company is evolving, announcing today that it has spun off a new social sports startup called SportStream with $3.5 million from… Read More

The Scream

Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ just sold for $119 million, and Paul Allen isn’t the buyer

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen owns sports teams, massive yachts and even his own island, though that San Juan island property is currently for sale for $13.5 million. So, did the globe-trotting billionaire just supplement his many interests by picking up one of four copies of Edvard Munch’s classic painting The Scream? Allen was one of… Read More

Paul Allen

Paul Allen’s Vulcan cuts 20 jobs

Vulcan, the Seattle-based investment arm of billionaire and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, today laid off 20 staffers, GeekWire has learned. “We communicated the tough decision today to lay off 20 people as we realign some functions with the company’s emerging priorities,” said Vulcan spokesman David Postman. Allen has been in the news recently, donating $300… Read More

Paul Allen

Paul Allen gets into Twitter spat with sports columnist

Twitter is such an equalizing force. How else can the billionaire owner of a struggling NBA franchise make his feelings known about the sports columnist for the local newspaper? That’s the situation right now between Paul Allen, the Portland Trailblazers owner (and Microsoft co-founder), and Oregonian sports columnist John Canzano. Following a column this week… Read More

Paul Allen

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen victim of identity theft

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has become the subject of identity theft, with a an AWOL U.S. soldier in Pittsburgh charged with changing the address on a Seattle bank account owned by Allen and attempting to redirect funds to a personal account. Brandon Lee Price allegedly changed the address on a Citibank account owned by Allen… Read More

Cameron's vessel. Photo via National Geographic

Paul Allen narrates as James Cameron navigates to the depths of the ocean floor

I never took Paul Allen — the billionaire software tycoon — for a citizen journalist. But that’s what the Microsoft co-founder essentially became today as Allen shared a series of Tweets chronicling the deep sea dive of James Cameron. If you missed the action, the director of Avatar and Titanic today successfully completed a seven-mile solo descent to… Read More

Paul Allen

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen donates $300M to help solve the mysteries of the human brain

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is doubling down on his efforts to better understand the human brain, announcing plans today to donate $300 million to the Allen Insitute of Brain Science. That brings total fundraising in the 9-year-old non-profit scientific organization to $500 million, one of the largest philanthropic commitments ever to fund neuroscience. In a… Read More


Evri apologizes after iPad app crashes for first-time users

There’s certainly no shortage of competition when it comes to creating news reader applications for the iPad, from Flipboard to Pulse to Zite. That’s why execution for any would-be entrants needs to be near flawless. But Seattle startup Evri, which released a new version of its news reader app earlier this month for the iPad, hit… Read More