Photos: Check out Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s V-2 rocket arriving at Paine Field

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s latest extravagance — a German-built World War II-era V2 rocket — has arrived at his Flying Heritage Collection at Paine Field in Everett. The rocket, one of only 16 remaining in the world, stands 46-feet tall (just shy of the museum’s 50-foot high ceiling). The V-2 arrived in three primary sections on Monday,… Read More


Paul Allen procures V-2 rocket for aircraft museum

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is selling some of his abstract art, and buying a historic rocket. The eclectic Seattle billionaire has procured a rare Werner von Braun designed V-2 rocket, the first man-made object to fly into outer space. Allen’s Flying Heritage Collection — located at Paine Field in Everett — is taking possession of the rocket on… Read More


Virgin Galactic breaks sound barrier, set to reach full space flight by end of 2013

Virgin Galactic took a big step in its quest for space travel today with a successful test flight of the commercial spaceliner SpaceShipTwo, which broke the sound barrier Monday morning above the Mojave Desert in California. After being released from its carrier craft at 48,000 feet, the rocket-powered SpaceShipTwo began a 16-second burn and rose to… Read More

Paul Allen

Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital expanding to Silicon Valley

Updated with details of the new office’s leader. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s investment arm, Vulcan Capital, plans to open a new office in Silicon Valley, expanding its presence and looking for new investments. Paul Ghaffari, Vulcan Capital’s chief investment officer, tells the Reuters news service that the new office in Palo Alto, Calif., is part… Read More


Paul Allen’s Stratolaunch opens giant hangar for world’s largest aircraft

The world’s largest aircraft needs a ginormous place to live, and that’s exactly what Paul Allen’s Stratolaunch has built. Stratolaunch Systems, the commercial space venture backed by the Microsoft co-founder, just opened a new hangar for the world’s largest plane that is set to launch into space by 2016. The 103,257 square-foot hangar is based in Mojave,… Read More

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Youth movement: Paul Allen donates $7.5 million to five up-and-coming scientists

Paul Allen is giving his money to five young scientists he thinks need a little cash to answer fundamental questions in biology. The Paul G. Allen Foundation announced today $7.5 million in funding to the second round of the Allen Distinguished Investigators, a three-year grant program that supports scientists’ research. The foundation says that these five… Read More


SpaceX and Paul Allen’s Stratolaunch part ways over rocket design changes

Stratolaunch Systems, the commercial space venture backed by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, has cut ties with one of its high-profile partners, SpaceX, one of the pioneers in the industry. Gary Wentz, the Stratolaunch CEO, confirmed the news Tuesday in a message to the Flight International news site. “Stratolaunch and SpaceX have amicably agreed to end our… Read More


Paul Allen’s Institute for Brain Science to move to Seattle’s South Lake Union area

Seattle’s fast-growing South Lake Union neighborhood is getting another boost — this time from the guy who is largely responsible for its transformation. Paul Allen’s Institute for Brain Science announced today that they will relocate their headquarters from Fremont to Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood — the neighborhood that Allen’s Vulcan Real Estate has transformed over… Read More


Microsoft founders Allen, Gates reconnect after year-long rift

Paul Allen’s memoir, Idea Man, is out in paperback this week, and the Microsoft co-founder has penned an epilogue updating readers on some of the book’s major storylines — including the status of his friendship with Bill Gates. The book’s unvarnished account of Gates — from his unusual eating habits to his efforts to dilute… Read More

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Paul Allen is now the richest American in sports

Paul Allen has lots of money. You already knew that about the co-founder of Microsoft, of course. But the Forbes 400 richest Americans list came out Wednesday and Mr. Allen has reached a new pedestal. The 59-year-old is now worth an estimated $15 billion, which moves him from 23rd to 20th on the list. That makes the Seahawks… Read More


Paul Allen’s Stratolaunch aircraft passes initial review

Paul Allen is one step closer to his childhood dreams of space. The FlightGlobal blog reports that Stratolaunch Systems has finished preliminary design review of its space-launch system. “The carrier aircraft conducted their preliminary design review on [August 27-28] in Mojave, California,” says the company, which notes that it’s now reviewing the data package and… Read More