Watch Paul Allen make a Kickstarter pitch for new NBA jerseys in ‘Portlandia’ cameo

Paul Allen’s acting skills — or lack thereof — were on full display in a “Portlandia” episode earlier this month. During this season’s seventh episode of the IFC satirical comedy show that features Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, several members of the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers made cameos — including the team’s owner. Allen, who bought the Blazers in… Read More

Paul Allen

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen looks to rock the vote, sinks $40 million in online voting company

Scytl, a Barcelona-based online voting company, announced today that it received a $40 million investment from Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital that will allow it to improve its technology for running elections over the Internet. The company, which was founded in 2001, claims that it holds 87 percent of the online voting market, and has successfully… Read More

Paul Allen

Paul Allen offers up $8M for artificial intelligence researchers to uncover ‘world-changing breakthroughs’

For the fourth year in a row, The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation is taking proposals from researchers interested in working on using “risky, novel approaches” to study artificial intelligence (AI) topics like machine reading, diagram interpretation and reasoning, and spatial and temporal reasoning. As part of the Allen Distinguished Investigator (ADI) Program, the foundation will offer $1… Read More

Charles Beames

Tech Moves: Paul Allen names space chief; Bsquare’s new CEO

—Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has named a new space commander to lead the charge on his ambitious Stratolaunch project. He’s tapped Charles Beames — a Department of Defense veteran and Air Force Academy grad —as executive director of Stratolaunch. “Stratolaunch is the next step in America’s drive for even more viable and flexible commercial space… Read More


Paul Allen sells 292-acre private island for $8 million

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has sold a 292-acre private island near Anacortes, selling the property for $8 million. That may seem like a lot of coin for a largely desolate island in the San Juan chain, accessible only by boat, seaplane and plane. But Allen listed the property for sale in 2005 for $25 million,… Read More


Raising the CDC 6500 from the dead: Paul Allen’s engineers attempt toughest computer restoration yet

The newest arrival at Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Living Computer Museum in Seattle is a big one — both literally and figuratively. Weighing more than 10,000 pounds, the Control Data Corporation 6500 is part of a line of machines that were the first to be called “supercomputers.” Each of its three giant bays has its own… Read More


Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital invests $30M in car-buying advisor

Paul Allen’s investment arm Vulcan Capital today announced it is investing $30 million in, an eight-year-old company that has now raised more than $350 million to date. TrueCar, based in Santa Monica, Calif., helps buyers and dealers during the car-buying process with data and analytics that allows people to see what others have paid for a… Read More


Paul Allen snags key Amazon architect as top tech advisor

Paul Allen has created a new position of executive technology advisor, to work with him across all of his personal and professional projects, and filled the job by hiring Parag Garg, an Amazon product architect who had been playing a key role on multiple unannounced products under development by the Seattle company. GeekWire heard rumblings… Read More


Paul Allen pitches in $3M to Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has always had a love for Shakespeare, and now he’s giving away some money again to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF). The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation announced the contribution today. The OSF is a non-profit based in Ashland, Oregon, and puts on hundreds of plays every year. “OSF masterfully makes the classics relevant to new generations… Read More


Paul Allen on the race between brain research and artificial intelligence — and why he’s betting on both

Over the past decade, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has committed $500 million toward understanding the brain through his Allen Institute for Brain Science — aiming to ultimately transform the treatment of related diseases and disorders including autism, Alzheimer’s disease, and depression. And earlier this month, he launched the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence — “AI-squared,” as… Read More

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Paul Allen backs research project to restore hand, arm movement after spinal cord injuries

The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation is providing a $1.5 million grant to researchers at the University of Washington to continue work on a system that uses neural signaling and other technologies to restore hand and arm movements for those who’ve suffered from spinal cord injuries. The effort is known as the Brain-Computer-Spinal-Interface Project, and… Read More

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Paul Allen is the richest sports owner in America

Owners of professional sports teams are generally pretty well off, but Paul Allen takes the cake for the most wealthy of them all. There are 34 team owners that made most recent Forbes’ 400 Richest American list, and Allen leads the way with a $15.2 billion net worth. The Microsoft co-founder owns the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks,… Read More

Oren Etzioni

Going beyond Siri and Watson: Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen taps Oren Etzioni to lead new Artificial Intelligence Institute

Perhaps no one has been more synonymous with the startup ethos at the University of Washington than computer science professor Oren Etzioni, a mainstay on campus for more than two decades and an inspiration for budding entrepreneurs in academia. An expert in search, data mining and machine learning, Etzioni’s technologies have formed the basis of startup… Read More