Microsoft adds new and OneDrive encryption to thwart government snooping

Microsoft says it has added new layers of encryption to emails and OneDrive files as part of a broader push to protect customer data from hacking and government surveillance. The addition of Transport Layer Security to will encrypt messages sent between Microsoft and other email providers. The company also enabled Perfect Forward Secrecy encryption in… Read More


Microsoft defends its Hotmail snooping in Windows leak investigation

Responding to criticism of its investigation into an alleged leak of company trade secrets, Microsoft acknowledged overnight that it searched a Hotmail customer’s Microsoft accounts without a court order — but described the action as “extraordinary” and announced that it will add a new layer of outside review when it encounters similar situations in the… Read More


Microsoft fixes Skype for, makes integration available to users worldwide

Microsoft announced today that Skype for is finally available to users around the world and made a couple improvements to the functionality of the service. Nearly one year ago, Microsoft unveiled the Skype plugin in an effort to make its webmail service more of a universal communications hub. But the feature was only available to… Read More

outlook now supports IMAP, OAuth login

If you’ve wanted to use with an email client that doesn’t support Exchange ActiveSync, today is your lucky day. As a part of an AMA with the team on Reddit, Steve Kafka, a Senior Program Manager Lead at Microsoft, said that the company is making IMAP access available to all users today…. Read More


Microsoft builds Google Chat into webmail in new bid for switchers

Microsoft is integrating Google Chat into, attempting to eliminate one of the factors that prevents Gmail users from switching to Microsoft’s revamped webmail service. users who connect their Google accounts will be able to chat with Gmail users — or “friends stuck on Gmail,” as Microsoft cheekily puts it — from inside Microsoft’s online… Read More


Microsoft starts to integrate Skype with

Microsoft is starting to integrate Skype into, aiming to make its webmail service more of a universal communications hub. The company this morning announced a preview of Skype video calling and messaging for, rolling out first to “a select set of people” in the UK, with plans to take it to the U.S…. Read More


Microsoft: Overheating datacenter caused outage

A firmware upgrade failure at one of Microsoft’s datacenters caused the facility to overheat and shut down access to and Hotmail for some users earlier this week, Microsoft said in a blog post this morning explaining the cause of the problem. The outage, which started on Tuesday afternoon and lasted until early Wednesday morning,… Read More

An user fires up his personal hovercraft in a new television ad, part of an effort to revive Microsoft's fortunes in consumer email. arrives: Microsoft gets aggressive in new bid to dethrone Gmail

Microsoft is officially launching on Tuesday — taking its new consumer email service out of preview mode and starting to shift longtime Hotmail users to the updated interface. It’s part of a plan, announced last year, to retire Hotmail, Microsoft’s classic webmail service. Nope, the upgrade isn’t optional, but don’t worry, old-timer, you… Read More