Facebook slowly recovering from morning outage

It’s Friday, which means it’s prime time for making weekend plans with friends on Facebook, or at least enviously reading updates from friends who have weekend plans. But today, that’s hit a snag. The Facebook home page has been replaced with an error message saying that something has gone wrong, and users of the company’s… Read More


Amazon just lost $4.8M after going down for 40 minutes

When you’re an online retail giant, every second that your website stays inaccessible means thousands of dollars out the virtual door. For Amazon, that meant about $5 million in losses Monday afternoon when the Seattle company went down for about 40 minutes. Amazon posted $15.7 billion in revenue last quarter, which breaks down to about $120,000… Read More


Netflix nightmare explained: Amazon apologizes for outage

What happened at Amazon Web Services to take down the Netflix streaming service for hours on Christmas Eve? It was a combination of human error and flawed access controls: An AWS developer was able to accidentally delete a key data set in the AWS Elastic Load Balancing Service, causing the disruption. That’s the word from AWS in… Read More


Dating site dumps Amazon Web Services over latest outage

The latest Amazon Web Services outage last weekend was apparently the last straw for one of the company’s customers, an online dating service that has decided to end its relationship with the Seattle company and hook up with another hosting provider. Unlike most breakups, this one comes with its own news release. The site is… Read More


Twitter outage: Don’t know what you got until it’s gone

Twitter appears to be gradually coming back online after an outage this morning that lasted at least a half-hour for many users. Maybe this is their way of reminding us how central the service has become to the way many of us communicate online. “That. Was. Agony. ‪#TwitterColdTurkey‬,” tweeted TV personality Piers Morgan, reflecting the sentiment… Read More


Amazon Web Services blames power loss for outage that’s knocking some sites offline

Amazon Web Services is once again experiencing hiccups, suffering service interruptions that are knocking some sites offline. The problems are occurring at the company’s facilities in Northern Virginia, the same location that was impacted by a massive failure last year that gave the Seattle company’s cloud computing services a black eye. “We can confirm a… Read More


Xbox Live tries to appease fight fans after UFC ‘disaster’

Microsoft’s recent Xbox Live update took the gaming console further into the world of live television, including sports. But the company still has some kinks to work out, and one of its learning experiences last week came at the expense of some of the last people you’d want to piss off: Ultimate Fighting Championship fans. Microsoft… Read More

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer and Skype's Tony Bates announce the deal in May.

Microsoft takes heat after Skype outage enrages users

Microsoft doesn’t even own Skype yet, but it is already taking blame for an outage that impacted some users of the Internet phone service this morning. Snarky comments filled up Twitter, with many turning their rage toward the Redmond software giant. “Seems like #skype crash is global. Now you know it’s a #Microsoft product,” wrote one…. Read More