Know your Linux! New Linux Foundation certification aims to boost Linux job market

Linux has been expanding its reach — powering Google, Facebook and other major platforms — and hiring managers say they’re in need of an increasing number of Linux developers. But many of those jobs are going unfilled, and given the entrenched position of Microsoft Windows inside many companies, not as many developers and admins are getting Linux training and certification… Read More


Microsoft open-sources ‘Roslyn’ .NET compiler platform

SAN FRANCISCO – Open source fans, rejoice: Microsoft has released its new “Roslyn” .NET compiler platform preview as an open source project. That means developers can clone the company’s compiler for C# projects and add their own features, as well as suggest new features for Microsoft to implement in the compiler itself. Microsoft Technical Fellow… Read More


Four tech terms to forget in ’14

It’s 2014, and time to ring in the new and throw out the old. Old tech terms, that is: those made meaningless in 2013 by media and marketers. I occasionally rant about words that are overused and abused in tech (a popular 2013 noun, “selfie,” may join that group at narcissistic speed). But don’t think… Read More


A crowd-funded car: Wikispeed raising funds for 100 MPG open-source vehicle

We’ve been tracking lots of creative projects using crowdsourced funding models, but this one puts a new spin on things. Wikispeed, an open-source project developing a 100 mile-per-gallon vehicle, announced this morning that it’s aiming to raise $52,500 over the next two months to take its modular vehicles from prototype to production. The initiative, led… Read More


After Kickstarter success game studios turn to Zipline for help

Kickstarter is revolutionizing the way that game companies raise cash as evidenced by the recent success of Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun Returns just raised $1.8 million) and Double Fine Productions (Double Fine Adventure pulled in $3.3 million). But once the cash is raised, the developers need to get to work, delivering on the big promises made… Read More


Ignition Partners leads $40 million round for Cloudera

Ignition Partners, Greylock, Accel, In-Q-Tel, Meritech Capital Partners and others are pumping $40 million into Cloudera, a Palo Alto, California-based maker of software and services tied to the Apache Hadoop open source project. Founded in 2008, Cloudera raised a $5 million round in 2009 and $25 million last fall. Total funding now stands at about $80… Read More


Open source developer objects to news hackathon’s 11-page contract

Seattle developer Jeff Reifman was looking forward to participating in this weekend’s Hacking Seattle News contest, a three-day hackathon sponsored by Seattle TV station KING 5 in which geeks, news junkies and designers look to transform the way people consume and distribute local news. But Reifman, a former Microsoft employee who operates the open source… Read More


Microsoft extends SUSE deal, agrees to buy another $100M in Linux support

Linux vendor Novell Inc. is no longer a standalone company, but Microsoft today announced an agreement with its successor, Attachmate’s SUSE unit, to extend by four years the technology collaboration agreement and controversial patent protection deal that the companies announced nearly five years ago. As part of the extended agreement, Microsoft agreed to spend an… Read More