Startup Spotlight: Your Brandlive helps Internet retailers communicate with shoppers

Portland-based startup Your Brandlive formally launched today, announcing a new video social commerce platform designed to help make the retailer-customer relationship more personal. Essentially, Your Brandlive is a project of Cascade Web Development, connecting online retailers with online shoppers through live video chat. One sales person is able to communicate with hundreds of customers at once. “The… Read More


Tons of traffic: Amazon dominates online retail during Christmas week

The holiday numbers speak for themselves: Amazon is the biggest online shopping site, and it’s not even close. New website traffic stats from Experian show Amazon with 25.5 million website visits on the day after Christmas, more than three times the amount for second-place WalMart. That number does not even include mobile traffic. Amazon also raked in… Read More


POLL: How much will you spend online this holiday?

If you’re having trouble finding that perfect gift for family and friends, look no further than the gadget world. From the Microsoft Surface that Oprah loves to the dual-screen Nintendo Wii U to the iPad that 48 percent of kids apparently want, the options are plentiful. All of these items and more are available online, where items… Read More