OneBusAway finds a new home with Sound Transit

OneBusAway helps thousands of people each day find their way home. Now, the popular app, started as a side project by University of Washington students, has a new home of its own. Later this month, Sound Transit will take over operation of the popular service, which is used by over 100,000 commuters each week in… Read More


Lost in Seattle? WhichBus helps you plan your public transit ride in real-time

From an honorable mention at Startup Weekend last year to winning second place at October’s Evergreen Apps Challenge, the developers of WhichBus have made serious progress. Now comes another big step: WhichBus is officially going live. Similar to OneBusAway, WhichBus helps you navigate your way around Seattle on public transit. It combines both trip planning… Read More


OneBusAway app scrambled, but agencies promise fixes

The popular app OneBusAway, developed at the University of Washington, keeps track of bus schedules in real time for thousands of  transit riders in the Seattle region. But increasingly those users have come to accept a little bit of, shall we say, flexibility in arrival times. Ghost buses, routes with incorrect numbers, out-of-date stops. All these… Read More