This wacky Englishman plans to spend 72 hours this weekend piloting a virtual jet around the world, all for a good cause

Some people spend Memorial Day weekend barbecuing with friends, or hitting the local parade. Not Zeke Iddon, a 30-year-old video game nut from Aylesbury, England. Iddon, who runs the comedy gaming site Iron Man Mode, plans to spend up to 72 hours in an epic virtual flight around-the-world. The flight, which will be livestreamed and… Read More


Twitter mystery: The strange case of Lockerz and the Ethiopian supermodel

Lockerz, the heavily-funded Seattle social commerce startup backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, DAG Ventures and others, is going through a transition with executives departing; products changing and assets being sold off. And now something funky is going on with the company’s Twitter account, which up until a few days ago boasted more than 600,000 followers on… Read More

Justin Bieber

No joke: Justin Bieber, Paul Allen’s Vulcan sued over loudness at Portland concert

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has been tied up in all sorts of lawsuits during his technology career. That just goes with the territory when you become a multi-billionaire in the software industry. Lawsuits happen. But, we’ve got to say, this is among the most bizarre legal actions we’ve ever seen. (OK, perhaps just behind FunnyJunk’s lawyer… Read More

RealNetworks HQ. Wikipedia photo

Memo of the day: Who keeps calling 911 from RealNetworks?

We’ve heard about companies being on life support, but this is a new one on us. With flatlining revenues and a moribund stock price, RealNetworks certainly needs resuscitation. Is it time to call in the paramedics? Here’s a memo sent to employees of the Seattle company today by its facilities manager, asking staffers to revisit… Read More


Image: PopCap’s zombie greeting to the new bosses at EA

It’s a good thing to know that the folks over at PopCap haven’t lost their sense of humor– even though many of the employees were transformed into multi-millionaires today when Electronic Arts agreed to buy the Seattle game maker for as much as $1.3 billion. In the spirit of PopCap’s blockbuster game, Plants vs. Zombies,… Read More

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos touts the power of long-term thinking, budgets $42M for a 10,000 year clock

We’ve talked before about how founder Jeff Bezos is not afraid to be misunderstood for long periods of time. And, perhaps, nothing showcases the Seattle billionaire’s iconoclastic spirit more than his latest project: Funding the construction of a $42 million clock in the Texas mountains. We wrote about the project last week, but Wired… Read More


Inside Seattle’s geek craft fair

The Happy Go Techy Expo, held Saturday at the University of Washington, was a little bit geek craft fair, and a little bit mobile application showcase. GeekWire photographer Annie Laurie Malarkey stopped by to capture some of the wacky gifts, accessories, apps, food and crafts. Here’s a look at Annie Laurie’s photo gallery from the all-day… Read More

Conenza's Tony Audino with Stitch

Meet the geek dogs of Seattle

Every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day here at GeekWire and, for that matter, at dozens of other tech companies around Seattle. It’s pretty commonplace to see canine companions wandering the offices startups in Pioneer Square, Belltown and South Lake Union. But, in true celebration of the official holiday today, we’re showcasing some… Read More


Practical Nerd: A Norwescon vision of tomorrow’s tech

I have seen the future. And it wears goggles and Victorian clothing. At least, that’s the immediate impression you might get after visiting Norwescon 34, which was held this past weekend near SeaTac airport. More than 3,500 attendees sold out the 2011 iteration of the long-running regional science-fiction and fantasy convention, in which “steampunk” (a… Read More


Earthquake-proof desk designed to withstand one million pounds of debris

The next time the “big one” hits, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a steel-plated desk (complete with oxygen mask, food storage, flashlight, blanket and other amenities) nearby? Bainbridge Island-based desk manufacturer LifeGuard Structures is trying to make that a reality, touting an “earthquake-proof” desk that can withstand 1.2 million pounds of falling concrete, beams… Read More


Another victim of technology: Nordstrom piano players?

We got a bit of a chuckle after Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. slammed the iPad for U.S. job losses, with the Illinois Congressman arguing for the defense of the paper industry. Now, here’s another cause Jackson Jr. can take on: Nordstrom piano players. The L.A. Times reports that the Seattle retailer has been eliminating in-store… Read More


Princeton, UCLA, Duke and Georgetown in the Final Four?

I spent a portion of my Sunday evening analyzing the NCAA Men’s basketball pool. It was a tough task trying to fill out the brackets given that I’ve watched a total of about 20 minutes of college hoops this winter. But now there’s another method of predicting the madness: Salaries. PayScale, the Seattle online salary… Read More