President Obama references the ‘really smart people at Microsoft’ at Seahawks White House ceremony

Seahawks fans are so loud President Barack Obama thinks that some cheating is going on. As customary for teams that win the Super Bowl, the world champion Seattle Seahawks visited the White House Wednesday to meet with Obama, who congratulated the Hawks for their historic 2013-14 season. During his short speech, he mentioned the record-setting, ear-splitting noise… Read More


Watch live for free: Seahawks meet President Obama at the White House

#169959513 / President Barack Obama already cracked jokes with Richard Sherman. Now, he’ll have a chance to entertain the entire Seahawks squad. As customary for teams that win the Super Bowl, the world champion Seattle Seahawks will be visiting the White House Wednesday to meet with Obama. The special opportunity was made possible thanks to Seattle’s 43-8… Read More


Publisher on Amazon: ‘No American monopoly has ever been so cozy with the government’

President Barack Obama is scheduled to speak at an Amazon fulfillment center Tuesday to discuss the economy and some independent book publishers are livid about it. Dennis Johnson, the founder of independent publisher Melville House, ripped the Seattle online giant in a recent blog post, writing that “no American monopoly has ever been so cozy… Read More


Microsoft wants government to provide more transparency for security requests

Microsoft is now joining fellow tech giants Google and Facebook in asking the U.S. government for more transparency in regard to government requests for national security information. Microsoft issued this statement a short while ago, noting that it would like to provide more information than what showed up in the company’s 2012 Law Enforcement Request Report published last March…. Read More


Amazon noticeably (and admirably?) absent from cyber-spying controversy

The revelations about the U.S. government’s cyber-spying program this week centered on reports that the NSA and the FBI are routinely accessing data from major tech companies to feed intelligence operations, leveraging the fact that much of the world’s online traffic flows through domestic servers. The reports by the Washington Post and the Guardian implicated companies including Microsoft, Apple,… Read More


Cybersecurity: What businesses can expect from U.S.-China talks, amid brewing NSA controversy

U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet at a secluded estate in Southern California starting today for two days of talks on a host of bilateral and global issues. Among them will be cybersecurity, which has quickly risen in prominence to the top of the Sino-American agenda. What can businesses expect… Read More


WTF has McGinn done? Pinballers’ site touts Seattle mayor’s accomplishments

You may recall the website (there’s also the R-rated version here) that was launched back in 2010 by Barack Obama supporters to remind people of the president’s accomplishments. Now, just as Seattle’s mayoral race kicks into high gear, two Seattleites are doing the same to show their support for Mayor Mike McGinn. Inspired by the… Read More


Visual language: Stagecraft in Obama’s Google Hangout

The President may be a master of the teleprompter, but Google+ hangouts ain’t television. You can replay yesterday’s hangout with Barack Obama here, though sometimes the visual language of a video event reads louder when you freeze the frames. So here is a collage of screenshots from the Valentine’s Day Google hangout with President Obama…. Read More


3 ways to enhance your State of the Union viewing experience

President Barack Obama will deliver his fourth State of the Union address tonight at 6 p.m PST with Apple CEO Tim Cook on hand. It will be interesting to see if Obama speaks about technology and/or entrepreneurship — if you recall last year’s speech, Obama sounded more like a venture capitalist than the president of the United… Read More


Update: Obama wins debate on Xbox Live, but Romney sees positive trends

[Update, 9:30 a.m.: Although the raw data on screen showed overwhelming support for Obama, Microsoft says a more detailed crunching of the numbers reveals positive underlying trends for Romney, more along the lines of the broader public reaction to the debate. See the company's statement below.] Public opinion polls following last night’s U.S. Presidential Debate… Read More


Xbox aims to reinvent debates (and TV) with live polling

The first debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama on Wednesday will be a milestone in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election, but Microsoft’s Xbox Live team hopes it will also be viewed as a watershed moment for interactive television. Microsoft is rolling out an interactive polling feature that will let people viewing the debate on… Read More


Why Microsoft supports the overhaul to U.S. patent law

President Obama today signed into law what’s being called the “America Invents Act” — described as the first major reform to U.S. patent law in six decades. A major focus is reducing the backlog of patent applications at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. “Right now, there are about 700,000 applications that haven’t even been… Read More