SpaceCurve raises $2.7M for ‘big data’ service, names CEO

SpaceCurve, a Seattle startup that’s developing new ways to analyze location-based services, social media chatter and other information, has raised $2.7 million and named John Slitz as CEO. Investors in the round, a portion of which was previously reported by GeekWire, include Reed Elsevier Ventures, Divergent Ventures, Musea Ventures and others. Slitz is the former… Read More


Gates spars with lawyer over Windows 95, jurors yawn

It must have pretty exciting for jurors in Salt Lake City to see Bill Gates arrive to testify in Novell’s antitrust case against Microsoft. That was Monday. By yesterday the thrill was gone, apparently replaced with the realization that they’re deciding a case based on events that took place more than 15 years ago, involving… Read More


Bill Gates slated to testify in Windows 95 antitrust case

They say the wheels of justice turn slowly, but this is getting a little crazy. Microsoft has listed Bill Gates as a potential witness in a new trial over antitrust allegations against the Redmond company dating back to the Windows 95 era. This is the long-running Novell case, which alleges that Microsoft acted anti-competitively against… Read More


Microsoft extends SUSE deal, agrees to buy another $100M in Linux support

Linux vendor Novell Inc. is no longer a standalone company, but Microsoft today announced an agreement with its successor, Attachmate’s SUSE unit, to extend by four years the technology collaboration agreement and controversial patent protection deal that the companies announced nearly five years ago. As part of the extended agreement, Microsoft agreed to spend an… Read More


DOJ review of Microsoft patent buy delays Novell deal

The U.S. Justice Department is taking longer than expected to review the sale of 882 patents by Novell to a Microsoft-led consortium, delaying the related acquisition of Novell by Seattle-based Attachmate Corp. Novell and the Microsoft consortium “have agreed to provide the DOJ with additional time to review the patent sale and not to close… Read More