Nokia’s new Windows Phones aim for affordability

Nokia announced two new Windows Phone 8 models during its news conference this morning at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona — aiming to expand its market share by appealing to smartphone buyers on a budget and those in developing countries. It’s part of a broader effort by Nokia and Microsoft to gain traction in the… Read More


Report: Nokia bringing 41MP camera to Windows Phone

Nokia will take a new step to differentiate itself with high-end photography on Microsoft’s Windows Phones, according to a new report. The handset maker is bringing its 41 megapixel PureView camera to a future Windows Phone model, the Verge reports this morning. The device is code-named EOS, according to the site. A similar camera is… Read More


Windows Phone Diary: So long Lumia 920, hello HTC 8X

A couple weeks after switching from an iPhone to a Lumia 920 Windows Phone, I was struggling to explain why I was having such a hard time handling the Nokia device, until another Lumia 920 user put it in perspective for me: It feels like holding a Pop-Tart. The combination of thickness, width and weight… Read More


A bad run for Nokia: Now in 7th place in smartphone race

Nokia just can’t seem to get out of the rut. The one-time mobile phone giant from Finland continues to see its market share slip, with a new Gartner study out today indicating that its smartphone ranking fell from third to seventh place during the third quarter. Led by former Microsoft executive Stephen Elop, Nokia is a… Read More

What do Blackberry's big moves mean for Microsoft?

Report: Yep, Microsoft is testing its own smartphone

Microsoft is testing its own smartphone design, preparing for the possibility of developing its own device, but the company hasn’t decided whether to take the device into mass production, according to the Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed officials at some of the company’s parts suppliers. It’s the latest in a series of rumors and reports… Read More


Nokia drops out of top 5 smartphone rankings

It seems like only yesterday when you would hear that Nokia jingle in every coffee shop, but the latest numbers show that the Finnish company is free-falling out of the cell phone sphere. All Things D reports that the third quarter metrics from IDC show Nokia out of the top 5 smartphone vendors in the… Read More


On the trail of the elusive cyan Nokia Lumia 920

Earlier this month, Nokia officially unveiled the Lumia 920 Windows Phone. During the event, while the company was busy showing off the multitude of colors that the handset will release in, it didn’t take long for folks to notice that one particular color was missing: cyan. This shade of blue has become quite popular with… Read More


Q&A: HTC’s global sales chief on Android, Windows, Samsung, and HTC’s future

HTC built its business on Microsoft’s mobile operating system before making a big bet on Android, and for a while the mobile phone company experienced serious success with that strategy. But this year HTC has slipped, posting disappointing profits in the face of stiff competition from Samsung on Android. Meanwhile, Microsoft has been strengthening its… Read More


Nokia CEO: Windows 8 will boost Windows Phone

Microsoft’s biggest mobile partner, Nokia, is expected to unveil its lineup of Windows Phone 8 devices coming up shortly this morning, in a news conference from New York City available for live streaming here. It’s the latest step by Microsoft and Nokia in their effort to compete more effectively with Android and iPhone, and turn… Read More


Amazon pinpoints Nokia as mapping partner for next-generation Kindle Fire has reportedly chosen Nokia to provide the mapping technology on the next-generation Kindle Fire, a device that is expected to be launched at an event in Santa Monica, California next Thursday. This may appear to be a minor development. However, in the fast-moving and ever-changing world of tech, where alliances and partnerships change frequently, the… Read More


Windows Phone team fixes bug, resumes app publishing

Microsoft says it has fixed the digital certificate problem that prompted the company to temporarily stop publishing new apps to the Windows Phone Marketplace earlier this week. The problem was related to the launch of the new Windows Phone Dev Center, with a rebuilt backend infrastructure, according to the company. The glitch affected Windows Phone… Read More


Chart: Samsung tops Apple in smartphone shipments

Apple’s iPhone may be synonymous with the smartphone revolution. But Samsung still holds the lead in terms of worldwide shipments, showing a 32.6 percent market share as it shipped 50.2 million units during the second quarter. That compared to Apple’s 16.9 percent market share and 16.9 million units shipped, according to a report from IDC. Together,… Read More


Surprise: Nokia ships 4M Windows Phones in second quarter

Nokia posted a big loss in the second quarter, almost four times its loss from a year ago, but reported better-than-expected shipments of its Lumia line of Windows Phones — an encouraging sign, at least, for the mobile phone maker’s high-stakes partnership with Microsoft. The company reported the results this morning. Share of Nokia are… Read More


Chart: Microsoft’s Windows Phone at 1.3% of U.S. market

Here’s a must-read chart for anyone who follows the mobile industry. Nielsen today released new data for the U.S. smartphone market, showing not only usage by operating system but also the reach of individual device makers within each mobile platform. Android is at 51 percent of the market, Apple’s iPhone is at 34 percent and… Read More


Windows Phone: Microsoft is pulling out of its tailspin

The latest U.S. smartphone market share numbers are out from comScore Networks this morning, showing Microsoft posting a slight gain in mobile subscribers for the three months ending in May — up one-tenth of a percentage point to 4.0 percent, compared with the three months ending in February. The result follows the launch of the… Read More

Neal Stephenson

Comments of the Week: Ballmer and basketball; Sword fighting authors; etc.

The best comments, quotes, and random zingers we heard this week… “I’ve been writing science and historical fiction for three decades. Well, screw that. I want to do a video game — a video game about something really cool and fun that I enjoy: sword fighting.”–Author Neal Stephenson in his Kickstarter pitch announcing the game Clang. “Digital solitaire… Read More