Live from the Nike Accelerator Demo Day

PORTLAND, Ore. — We’ve arrived at the beautiful Nike campus just outside of Portland for the big Nike Accelerator Demo Day. More than 900 investors, mentors, Nike leaders, friends and family are expected here. Three months ago, ten startups arrived here for an accelerator program put on by Nike and TechStars. GeekWire has featured all of the… Read More


Nike Accelerator Spotlight: rewards exercise with customizable fighting robots

Editor’s note: Nike Accelerator Spotlight takes a look at the ten startups participating in the Nike+ Accelerator, a three-month startup program based in Portland, Ore. and put on by Nike and TechStars. GeekWire is featuring each company leading up to the June 10 demo day.  There are a lot of startups out there that reward exercise with… Read More


Wearable computing: How technology will soon be stitched into our lives

Ah, wearable computing. Whether it’s geeky wristbands you can wear in the shower or the Seattle bar that’s already banned Google Glass, the discussions and ideas for embedded electronics on our bodies are heating up. To learn more about this potentially lucrative space, we sat down with Jennifer Darmour, a designer for Seattle-based technology design firm… Read More


Jawbone acquires Portland-based design firm Visere

Wearable computing hardware company Jawbone has acquired Portland-based digital design firm Visere, a startup that already played an important role in designing Jawbone’s UP wristband fitness app. “Many thanks to those who got to this point, and just as many to those who we’ll be working with in the future,” Visere’s home page now reads…. Read More