Nick Denton. Photo via Wikipedia.

Gawker’s Nick Denton knows exactly what Jeff Bezos should do with The Washington Post: Ditch print, distribute Kindles

Nick Denton is a controversial new media titan, uncovering the gossip that no one else in the news business will touch. The 47-year-old Gawker Media founder — whose online properties include Gizmodo, Deadspin, Kotaku and others — also knows how to build big audiences. And now Denton has some advice for’s Jeff Bezos, who… Read More


The next wave of news: Peer-to-peer livestreaming

Twitter enabled any person to reach anyone in the world directly with 140 characters of text. And, of course, you know it’s now being used as a news source for millions of people throughout the world. News always breaks on Twitter before it breaks on television. But WHY is the ability to reach the world… Read More


Breaking: Jeff Bezos buying Washington Post for $250M

In a surprise move, Jeff Bezos has reached a deal to acquire the Washington Post Co.’s newspaper publishing business for $250 million, promising to give the Amazon founder ownership of one of the nation’s most storied journalistic institutions at a time of dramatic change for the traditional newspaper industry. The agreement was announced a few… Read More


The opportunity to redefine the feed reader experience

I’ve used Google Reader almost everyday since 2008. I’m bummed it’s going away. And, clearly, I’m not alone. Millions of people are using Google Reader — evidence that there is still demand for a great utility to consume content in one location. It may not make sense for Google, but clearly there is a real… Read More

P-I newspaper boxes. Photo Kurt Schlosser

Many residents in state live in ‘rural information ghetto’

Researchers at Washington State University have concluded that large segments of the state are marooned in what they call a “rural information ghetto,” stuck with a lack of news coverage exacerbated by poor Internet access, bad cellular coverage and dwindling local journalism. For example, the report notes that 3.8 percent of the state’s residents do not… Read More


Evri spins out SportStream with $3.5M from Paul Allen

Seattle startup Evri was founded in 2007, designed to help people make better sense of news and information. A lot has changed since then, especially given the rise of tablets and mobile computers. Now, the company is evolving, announcing today that it has spun off a new social sports startup called SportStream with $3.5 million from… Read More

P-I newspaper boxes. Photo Kurt Schlosser

Newspapers take it on the chin as online ad revenue falls into the hands of a few tech giants

Americans are spending more time consuming news, using devices such as smartphones and tablets to track events on the go. But even as news consumption rises, the traditional media companies that have produced the news aren’t necessarily benefitting. The 2012 State of the News Media report from the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism found that five… Read More


Evri apologizes after iPad app crashes for first-time users

There’s certainly no shortage of competition when it comes to creating news reader applications for the iPad, from Flipboard to Pulse to Zite. That’s why execution for any would-be entrants needs to be near flawless. But Seattle startup Evri, which released a new version of its news reader app earlier this month for the iPad, hit… Read More


Open source developer objects to news hackathon’s 11-page contract

Seattle developer Jeff Reifman was looking forward to participating in this weekend’s Hacking Seattle News contest, a three-day hackathon sponsored by Seattle TV station KING 5 in which geeks, news junkies and designers look to transform the way people consume and distribute local news. But Reifman, a former Microsoft employee who operates the open source… Read More

Mark Briggs

Why KING TV is hosting a hackathon, with a $10k prize

Seattle’s KING-5 is doing something unusual later this month, or at least something unusual for a regional television station. It’s bringing together a bunch of developers, designers and news geeks for a weekend hackathon, Oct. 14-16 at Adobe in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. The event is called “Hacking Seattle News,” and the goal is to come… Read More