Clouds over Seattle. Flickr photo via Dan Hershman.

New York Times profiles Seattle as ‘the new center of a tech boom’

Seattle’s reputation as a leader in cloud computing is getting serious national attention. The New York Times today ran a profile on Seattle’s fast-growing cloud computing sector, noting that the city is “the new center of a tech boom.” From heavy-hitters like Microsoft, Amazon and HP, to startups like Blue Box, Chef, and 2nd Watch, Seattle has certainly established itself… Read More


Kindle newspapers: How the experience needs to improve

There’s something great about subscribing to a newspaper on a dedicated e-reader for automatic daily delivery. Goodbye, wet rolls of paper on the lawn. I love to read the New York Times at all hours on my Kindle Paperwhite. But the overall newspaper experience on Amazon’s Kindle is in need of a major upgrade. Lately I’ve… Read More


How to bypass the New York Times paywall: Go to Starbucks

Those who like reading the New York Times but don’t want to pay for an online subscription have a new option: Starbucks.  The New York Times announced a new partnership with the Seattle coffee giant yesterday, offering Starbucks customers free access to 15 NYT articles per day that are read using the Starbucks Digital Network… Read More


NYT paywall: Time to buy the cow; the milk’s no longer free

Guest Commentary: The day of reckoning has arrived. Journalists and PR professionals have been holding their breath for 18 months, waiting for the New York Times to introduce its online paywall. Why the anticipation? If you haven’t noticed, traditional media is in free fall. It’s kind of like banking in 2008 but without bailouts. The… Read More