AT&T has the fastest LTE network (if you can access it)

The big U.S. wireless carriers are all fighting over who has the fastest LTE network, touting the speeds that can be obtained over the next-generation networking technology. But who is out in front when it comes to LTE? A new report out today tries to answer that question, and the results may surprise you. AT&T,… Read More


UW creates new degree focusing on communication within organizations

The University of Washington’s Master of Communications in Digital Media program already teaches the ins and outs of intelligent relationship-building strategies and is now adding an additional degree focused on communication within networks. Under the roof of the UW Communication Leadership program, a “sister” degree will be created alongside the MCDM. It’s called MCCN: The Master of… Read More


Video: Meet a few customers who love AT&T’s network

You’ve heard the horror stories of AT&T’s network, with customers complaining about dropped calls and poor connectivity. In fact, a prominent Seattle venture capitalist told me earlier this week that he can’t wait until November when his AT&T contract expires, so he can run out and get a new iPhone 4S on Verizon. But maybe… Read More


New $60 million data center slated for downtown Seattle

Citing Seattle as a communications hub and an important portal to Asia, Redwood City, California-based Equinix announced today that it plans to build a new $60 million data center in the heart of the city. The new 51,000 square foot International Business Exchange facility, slated to open in 2013, will be adjacent to Equinix’s existing SE2 data… Read More


Centri raises $1.6M to help carriers boost performance

More and more smartphones are ending up in the hands of Americans, and with those new devices come added stresses on wireless networks. Seattle startup Centri, which plans to launch its technology next week, has scored $1.6 million in funding from members of the Alliance of Angels and others. Vaughan Emery declined to disclose the… Read More


As funding woes face Clearwire, LightSquared pulls in $265 million

The capital woes of Clearwire have been well documented. But even as the Kirkland broadband wireless company struggles, one of its rivals continues to attract new financing. LightSquared, the Reston, Virginia-based operator of a 4G wireless network, today announced that it has pulled in $265 million from existing and new investors. That means in the… Read More


Clearwire shareholder to CEO John Stanton: Time to sell some spectrum in order fill ‘cash hole’

Clearwire faces a nagging “cash hole in its business plan and Sprint is the only game in town to fill it.” That’s the opinion of New York money manager Pardus Capital whose president, Karim Samii, just wrote a 2,257-word letter to Clearwire interim CEO John Stanton explaining his dissatisfaction with the direction of the Kirkland… Read More


SignalSet lands $6M, looks to quickly switch mobile devices between GSM and CDMA networks

No matter what carrier you choose, wireless coverage oftentimes is spotty. But imagine if you could overlay the coverage of Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile into one uber-network of sorts? That’s the promise of SignalSet, a 5-person Seattle upstart that’s developed technologies to intelligently route select devices on to wireless networks with the strongest signals…. Read More