History: Did Amazon try to buy Netflix for $12M in 1999?

Just imagine what could have been? A new book to be released this week by Reuters reporter Gina Keating suggests that tried to buy DVD movie rental service Netflix for $12 million back in 1999. Whoa. That certainly could have been a lot cheaper than Netflix’s current market value of $3.7 billion. was… Read More


‘Redbox Instant’ streaming video service on the way

It’s official: Verizon and Redbox parent company Coinstar will enter the streaming media world and battle Netflix, Amazon and the rest of the digital video market for customers. Bloomberg reports that Redbox Instant by Verizon, a joint venture initially announced earlier this year, will be available between late November and mid-December. The video service will… Read More

Reed Hastings

Netflix CEO: Amazon Prime video a ‘confusing mess’

It looks like Jeff Bezos & Co. have finally gotten Reed Hastings’ attention, or at least gotten Hastings to show that he’s feeling the competitive heat. The Netflix CEO previously made a habit of downplaying the competition from in the online video market, saying as recently as July that his company had yet to… Read More


Netflix loses out as Amazon inks deal with Epix for popular movies continues to bolster its collection of movie titles for its Prime Instant Video service, announcing today that it has struck a deal with Viacom’s Epix premium cable channel for thousands of movies. The new titles will be provided from studios such as Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures and Lionsgate, bolstering Amazon’s position in the video content… Read More

redbox-kiosk should buy Coinstar: A tech prediction that makes a ton of sense

A few months ago, the tech blogosphere exploded after rumors emerged that was considering opening physical retail stores. Since those reports, we haven’t heard a peep about whether the Seattle online retailer would break with tradition and expand into the choppy waters of brick-and-mortar retail. But there’s another possibility that could resolve some of… Read More


Finally: Amazon video app comes to Microsoft’s Xbox 360

Amazon and Microsoft just announced the first native Amazon Instant Video app for Microsoft’s Xbox 360, making it possible to watch videos from the Amazon service on the Microsoft console without a cumbersome workaround. The app is particularly good news for anyone who already has a $79/year Amazon Prime service and a $60/year Xbox Live… Read More


The DVD isn’t dead yet: Sales surge at Redbox kiosks

Movie streaming and digital downloads may be rising in popularity, but it looks like many of us aren’t quite yet ready to give up on good old-fashioned DVDs — even if we aren’t going inside a traditional movie rental store to get them anymore. DVD kiosk venture Redbox saw its sales rise nearly 39 percent… Read More


Netflix gains subscribers, tracks Amazon “carefully”

“Given Amazon’s size and ambitions, we continue to track their progress carefully as well.” With that brief statement, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings acknowledged one of the online streaming video service’s perceived competitors in its quarterly letter to shareholders as part of today’s first quarter 2012 earnings report: Amazon Prime Instant Video. Overall, Netflix came in… Read More


New evidence of Amazon’s ambitions to make original TV

From Hulu to Netflix, it seems that every online video service is getting into original television these days, and new signs emerged overnight that is no different. Fortune reports that it spotted a LinkedIn profile for an Amazon executive named Joe Lewis, a veteran of 20th Century Fox and Comedy Central who listed his… Read More


Amazon hiring execs to make comedy and kids shows

Newly surfaced job postings provide some interesting clues about the company’s push into original programming. An Amazon unit called the People’s Production Company, an extension of its crowd-sourced Amazon Studios initiative, is seeking creative executives to develop half-hour comedy and kids shows “for online and traditional distribution.” As noted by AllThingsD’s John Paczkowski, that… Read More


Coinstar buys NCR assets for $100M, shares soar on Redbox sales growth in Q4

It has been a very busy day at Coinstar. The Bellevue maker of coin-counting machines already announced a strategic partnership between its Redbox video rental business and Verizon. Now, the company has released strong financial results for the fourth quarter along with the purchase of assets from NCR’s entertainment business. The asset purchase includes Blockbuster Express… Read More

Reed Hastings

Netflix CEO says Amazon will launch a rival video service (And this is why he isn’t worried)

Earlier today, The New York Post reported that was weighing the possibility of creating a standalone video subscription service, one that would directly rival Netflix. Well, as it turns out, Netflix also thinks that Amazon will be coming on to its turf. In a letter to shareholders today, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings cited competition… Read More


Will Netflix become acquisition bait?

Shares of Netflix have been absolutely hammered in the past five days, with the one-time high-flying video streaming service shedding almost 20 percent of its value after announcing that it will likely lose money next year. Netflix’s market value has collapsed in recent months, with investors now valuing the company at $3.7 billion. Just two… Read More


Amazon says Kindle Fire will have Hulu Plus at launch

Kindle Fire will have Hulu Plus, after all. Amazon this morning updated the list of apps that will be available for its new tablet computer when it launches next week, saying that the Hulu Plus subscription service will be among them, joining Netflix. Apart from being good news for Hulu Plus subscribers who have pre-ordered… Read More


Amazon strikes Disney-ABC deal, Netflix basically matches it announced a content deal with Disney-ABC Television Group this morning, continuing to expand the catalog of streaming movies and TV shows available at no extra charge to members of its Amazon Prime subscription service. Not to be outdone, Netflix simultaneously announced an extension of its existing ABC-Disney licensing agreement, involving streaming rights to many of the… Read More


Redbox raises DVD rental prices by 20 cents

Redbox is raising prices on DVD rentals from $1 to $1.20 due to higher operating costs associated with debit card fees. It marks the first time in eight years that the unit of Bellevue-based Coinstar has increased daily DVD rental prices. “The amount was selected to best offset expenses, while keeping our value commitment to… Read More


Netflix kills Qwikster, says DVDs will stay on Netflix site

Farewell, Qwikster, we never got a chance to know you. And maybe that’s a good thing. That’s no doubt the sentiment among many Netflix subscribers this morning after the company abruptly reversed its plan to spin off its DVD-by-mail service into a new site. The change would have required many Netflix users to maintain two… Read More


With Netflix and Hulu in play, will bite?

We’ve talked in the past about’s ambitious plans in the online video space, suggesting that the online retailer could make a bid for either Netflix or Hulu as a way to bolster its pending tablet computer launch. It is unclear whether Amazon will take the “build-versus-buy” approach in online video. But this much is… Read More