Amazon Prime's value perception has moved only slightly lower, but Netflix's has risen significantly.

99 reasons but price is not one: Consumers still value Netflix over Amazon Prime

There’s several reasons why consumers still prefer Netflix over Amazon, but the new $99 price tag of Amazon Prime isn’t one. That’s potentially good news for Amazon, which was seeing consumers protest following the announcement that Amazon would be raising the price of its shipping and streaming video service to $99. According to survey conducted… Read More


Netflix jabs at Amazon with ‘Drone 2 Home’ spoof video

The folks over at Netflix seem to have a few extra hours on their hands and decided to produce a video that pokes fun at Amazon’s ambitious plans for a drone delivery system. The spoof, which mocks Amazon’s long-term vision for delivering products through the air, shows a “Drone 2 Home” service that zips Netflix… Read More


How tablets are taking a bite out of the TV market

LAS VEGAS — Tablets have already taken the momentum out of the traditional PC market, as many consumers opt Apple iPads, Kindle Fires, and Android tablets for scenarios that would have been the domain of Windows notebooks in the past. Now, they’re starting to do the same to the television market, an analyst with the… Read More


Hey kids, no binge-watching: New Netflix animated series will be released in installments

While “binge watching” – sitting down and viewing a whole season in one go – has been one of the hallmarks of Netflix’s original programming, it seems like the company has decided that’s not suitable for its younger viewers. The company announced today that Turbo Fast, its animated children’s show produced in conjunction with Dreamworks,… Read More


Netflix aims to prevent another Christmas Eve disaster with new technology

On Christmas Eve of last year, problems with Amazon Web Services brought down Netflix’s platform, causing frustrated customers to take to social networks and complain as their family movie nights ground to a screeching halt. Now, thanks to new capabilities, Netflix seems confident it can weather a disaster of even greater proportions. In a new blog… Read More

amazoninstant inks another deal with PBS, this time for rights to ‘Mr. Selfridge’ inked another streaming deal with PBS today, gaining exclusive rights to “Mr. Selfridge,” starring Jeremy Piven. The first season of the show is available on Amazon Prime Instant Video starting Wednesday. PBS and have already reached similar streaming deals in the past, with the most recent coming this past June to bring past seasons of NOVA, Masterpiece and Ken… Read More


SHAZAM! Netflix announces new superhero shows in partnership with Marvel Studios

While Amazon is still looking to get its legs under itself in the online original television space, Netflix is hoping that a super-powered punch will put its streaming platform ahead of the competition. The company announced today that it’s partnering with Marvel Studios, the same company that’s behind the wildly successful “Avengers” franchise, to create… Read More


Sorry, binge viewers: Amazon’s original comedies will revert to weekly schedule after first three episodes

After Amazon’s “harrowing exercise in online democracy,” two adult comedy pilots remained: “Alpha House,” about a group of misfit senators who share a house in Washington, D.C. and “Betas,” a show about a group of friends hoping to hit the big time with a new social networking app. Now, the company is looking to see… Read More

Reed Hastings

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings on competition with Amazon and what’s next with game consoles

While his company’s stock is still rising in after hours trading, and looks like it may top $400 a share on its latest quarterly earnings report, Reed Hastings doesn’t seem that excited. On a video call with analysts following the company’s quarterly earnings disclosures, Hastings seemed cool, collected and confident, but not eager. Netflix is… Read More


Netflix posts $1.1B in revenue and tops 40 million subscribers: Stock soars as CEO Reed Hastings warns of ‘euphoria’

Online streaming titan Netflix has a lot to be happy about. This year, original shows that the company produced received 3 Emmy awards, including a Best Director win for “House of Cards” director David Fincher, the first time any show has won a Primetime Emmy without ever having aired on television first. “Orange is the… Read More


Microsoft brings IE11 developer preview to Windows 7

[Correction: This post has been updated since it was originally posted. A Microsoft representative says the plugin-free experience for Netflix and other sites is limited to IE11 on Windows 8.1, and isn't coming down to Windows 7.] Microsoft this morning launched a developer preview of Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7, bringing its latest browser… Read More