Microsoft open-sources ‘Roslyn’ .NET compiler platform

SAN FRANCISCO – Open source fans, rejoice: Microsoft has released its new “Roslyn” .NET compiler platform preview as an open source project. That means developers can clone the company’s compiler for C# projects and add their own features, as well as suggest new features for Microsoft to implement in the compiler itself. Microsoft Technical Fellow… Read More


Redmond’s .NET Developer Association considers break, cites ‘malaise’ in community

The board of the 14-year-old .NET Developer Association in Redmond sent a message to its members last night proposing a six-month break in activities to figure out how to revitalize the group — citing a general lack of interest from members, sponsors and speakers, even from Microsoft. The timing is notable. Coincidentally, Microsoft is preparing… Read More

Jawad Khaki

Microsoft vets emerge with cloud computing upstart Uhuru Software

Former Microsoft vice president Jawad Khaki drew on his Tanzanian heritage as inspiration for his new startup company, Uhuru Software. In the Kiswahili language, Uhuru translates to freedom. And that’s the best word that the 20-year Microsoft vet could find to describe the mission of the new cloud startup, founded with former Microsoft general manager Jawaid Ekram…. Read More