National Day of Unplugging

Nerd Notes: Gay marriage and sushi, printable guns, and a 5-year-old’s $2,500 iPad spending spree

Editor’s Note: Nerd Notes is GeekWire’s roundup of random geekiness from around the globe. National Day of Unplugging (NDU): Beginning tonight at sunset, and ending 24 hours later, citizens across the nation are encouraged to unplug from all media. Even GeekWire’s John Cook is giving it a shot. Participants are asked to share their reasons for… Read More

Superhero Economics

Nerd Notes: Superhero economics, a Harlem Shake bookmarklet and playlists that adjust to your mood

Editor’s Note: Nerd Notes is GeekWire’s roundup of random geekiness from around the globe. Superhero economics: The ever-present superhero question is back on the table for debate: Batman or Spiderman? Generally, we weigh traits like physical strength, charisma, weapons, etc. Now there’s a new factor: money. This series of infographics from the Geeks of Doom compares the wallets… Read More

The Intimacy Dress 2.0

Nerd Notes: Big Macs and the economy, a dress that responds to sexual arousal, moth pilots and more

Editor’s Note: Nerd Notes is GeekWire’s roundup of random geekiness from around the globe. Moths that can drive — You’ve seen a dog skateboard, a cockatoo dance, and a monkey ride a pig, but have you ever seen a moth drive a robot car? That’s what I thought. Three Japanese researchers in Tokyo built a trackball-guided robotic vehicle that… Read More


Nerd Notes: Aviation High School launches with a rocket; Paul Allen’s private island for sale; and more

Cheezburger has added to its line-up of weird and wacky sites. Introducing “Bronies.” Men and boys who love the animated series “My Little Pony.” Aviation High School – where the next generation of aerospace geeks will be trained –broke ground today on a new $43.5 million campus next to the Museum of Flight. The school, the first of… Read More


Nerd Notes: Walking with Zuck, connected states, and a note to the future … from 1973

The legends of tech companies are shaped by stories of their weirdest early traditions. (Think Bill Gates having Burgermaster on speed dial.) We predict that this New York Times story about Mark Zuckerberg’s awkward walks with job prospects will someday be part of the Facebook canon … for better or worse. “Hi Future Man! … Hope your world… Read More


Nerd Notes: App for Atlantis, better title for Jobs bio, and some pi in the face for Google

Google reportedly decided to have some fun with the bidding for Nortel’s coveted patent portfolio last week — throwing out offers such as $3.14159 billion (a.k.a. pi) and other nerdy numbers. But Microsoft and Apple appear to have gotten the last laugh, leading a consortium that actually won the bidding. Or was it Google’s weird way… Read More


Nerd Notes: Iron Man goes to work, Jobs lands a comic and a woolly Robin Williams makes commercial

Bungie announces Bungie Mobile. Keep tabs on your Halo: Reach score and your buddies via iOS. Goodbye capes and Spandex, hello black turtlenecks and jeans. Steve Jobs is getting his own comic book. Ever wonder how LEGO bricks are made? Neither have I. This dude made himself an Iron Man suit and then wore it to work. Hopefully he… Read More

superhero wedding

Nerd Notes: Showering with Star Wars, peeing with video games and wedding with capes

Looks like the T-Mobile jingle isn’t going to survive the AT&T acquisition.  RIP little jingle. Bane gives his best over-the-shoulder glance in the first image of him released from Christopher Nolan’s latest bat flick “The Dark Knight Rises”. Purina Petcare made up a few iPad apps for cats and it’s taking every bit of self respect I… Read More


Nerd Notes: Angry Birds lands late, DealSpringer pumps up, and Hef sidesteps Jobs

Twitter, Facebook and other online distractions are costing our economy dearly. Here, go spend some time reading a story about it. Speaking of distractions, uncensored versions of Playboy will finally arrive on the iPad tomorrow — as a web app, thereby avoiding Apple’s App Store restrictions. The Northwest version of the 140 Characters conference, better known… Read More


Nerd Notes: Game of Thrones guide, careers in space and a tiny Chewie

A buttload of LEGOs and 6 months later this Master Chief costume emerged… The new Brink launch trailer is cool but loud. What kind of fantasy would Game of Thrones be without a complex cast of characters and faraway lands? Without towns called Clegane’s Keep and shield yielding hunks like Loras Tyrell? And what sort of geek would you be without… Read More


Nerd Notes: Marvel joins Netflix, holy helmets and Cusack strikes back

Neil Cameron makes the alphabet awesome yet again. This time it’s Japanese themed and proceeds go to tsunami relief efforts.American Greetings presents digital greeting cards just in time for Mother’s Day. It’s amazing they can create a product that makes a regular ol’ card seem so eco-friendly. Holy bike safety! These angelic bike helmets look more like TRON… Read More

ThinkGeek's Playmobil Apple Store

Nerd Notes: 10 lessons from Angry Birds, 2 Thor posters and 1 Playmobil Apple Store

10 Lessons from Angry Birds that can make you a better CIO. No, slingshotting birds at the IT staff didn’t make the list. Facebook doesn’t ‘Like’ inside traders. Professional bowling picks up a few spare QR codes with Seattle’s Find the Future, NYC Public Library announces citywide, overnight scavenger hunt. Captain Reynolds pulls a fast one. The Onion… Read More