Geek Madness Day 4: Curie vs. Mendel; da Vinci vs. Edison

Editor’s Note: Geek Madness is our quest to find the greatest geek of all time On Monday we kicked off the last four first-round matchups in the technology bracket, and today we’re doing the same on the math/science side. Voting for the remaining eight games will wrap up Wednesday night, so make sure you head over to our Facebook page and… Read More


Should sports reporters be permitted to Tweet every play? Here’s what Pac-12 schools have to say about it

By now, you may have heard that the University of Washington athletic department reprimanded a reporter for Tweeting too much during a college basketball game. The decision generated tons of discussion both here on GeekWire and around the web. We dug a little further to figure out what other big schools along the west coast… Read More