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Keeping the Kings: NBA blocks Seattle’s bid to purchase team

The Kings are staying in Sacramento. The NBA Board of Governors voted 22-8 Wednesday in Dallas to keep the Kings in Sacramento and prevent an investment group led by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and hedge fund manager Chris Hansen from bringing the team to Seattle. “This was not an anti-Seattle vote,” NBA commissioner David Stern said…. Read More


Commish calls Ballmer investment team ‘perfect prototype’ for NBA owners

Here’s what NBA commissioner David Stern thinks of the Chris Hansen/Steve Ballmer investment team: perfection. Appearing on PBS’ Charlie Rose Show Tuesday, Stern and Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver spoke briefly about how the NBA relocation committee unanimously voted Monday afternoon to block Seattle’s bid to buy the Sacramento Kings and bring the NBA back to the Emerald City. An… Read More


How social media reacted to Sonics news that left Ballmer ‘horribly disappointed’

By now, you’ve probably heard how the NBA relocation committee unanimously voted Monday afternoon to block Seattle’s bid to buy the Sacramento Kings and bring the NBA back to the Emerald City. An investment group led by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and hedge fund manager Chris Hansen had already reached an agreement with the Maloof family (current… Read More

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Ballmer on bringing the Sonics to Seattle: ‘There will never be a better opportunity’

Albeit very little and not exactly groundbreaking, Steve Ballmer finally made some public comments about Seattle’s bid to bring the NBA back to Seattle. Microsoft’s CEO is leading an investment group that is trying to buy the Sacramento Kings and move them to the Emerald City. Ballmer and Chris Hansen reached an agreement with the Maloof… Read More


Seattle arena renderings: The nosebleed seats look ridiculously awesome

Seattle’s new arena could put a new meaning to the so-called cheap seats. A few weeks after the initial renderings of the city’s potential new arena were released, the Seattle investment group led by Chris Hansen and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer just posted some more preliminary photos today. The new set shows off the “Sonic Rings,” a proposed 2,000-seat… Read More


Sonics update: It’s turning into a Silicon Valley vs. Seattle investor showdown

By now, you’ve likely either read or had a discussion about the Seattle vs. Silicon Valley entrepreneurial debate. Heck, the good folks over at Killer Infographics even designed the badass poster you see above that artistically describes the different characteristics of each region’s geeks. Now that discussion is moving to the basketball court. For a while, it seemed as though… Read More


Microsoft to exclusively stream LeBron James’ animated series “The LeBrons”

The effects of Microsoft’s new Xbox Entertainment Studios seem to already be coming through. After announcing the company’s plans to offer more exclusive Xbox content last week, Microsoft just inked a deal to stream the second season of NBA star LeBron James’ animated series “The LeBrons” on Xbox Live and MSN.com. The show features four characters… Read More


California politician blasts Ballmer over NBA deal, seeks details on Microsoft’s state contracts

Nasty, angry, threatening — these are words that describe a letter sent on Tuesday from a California politician intending to vilify Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Ballmer is co-leading a Seattle investment group that is extremely close to purchasing the Sacramento Kings and moving the NBA team to the Emerald City for a reported $341 million…. Read More

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Done deal: The NBA is returning to Seattle

Seattle basketball fans have reason to celebrate this morning: The NBA is coming back to the Emerald City. We’ve been hearing several reports in the past few weeks and most recently Sunday night, but now the NBA, Chris Hansen, and the Maloof family have all officially confirmed the sale of the Sacramento Kings. The Seattle… Read More