Pacific Science Center lands NASA grant for STEM education

The Pacific Science Center has been named as a recipient of a NASA Collaboration Grant to help it promote STEM education in Seattle. In particular, the museum says that the grant will fund “programming that will increase awareness, knowledge and understanding of remote sensing technologies, associated disciplines, and their relevance to NASA.” The grant is valued… Read More


Engineering students want jobs at NASA, Google, Boeing, Apple and Microsoft — in that order

If space is the final frontier, today’s engineering students want to be a part of exploring it, according to a new survey. Universum has released its annual rankings of employers by undergraduate engineering students in the US, and the results are clear: NASA is still a top draw for America’s rising engineering talent, even as… Read More


Washington teen wins NASA “Why Space Matters to the Future” video contest

There’s just something about Washington teenagers and their ability to talk about space exploration creatively. The Coalition for Space Exploration and NASA just announced the winners of their “Why Space Matters to the Future” national video contest and two Washington teens won first and second place. The contest asked three questions: How has space affected,… Read More


Seattle gamers jam out with NASA

In the span of 48 hours, Seattle-based independent game developers created working prototypes of computer games with help from NASA. They took part in a game jam, an event held in multiple locations in which teams of developers code and design a game in a short amount of time. While some game jams are competitive,… Read More


From Space to SOPA: 10 Tech Triumphs of 2012

Rovers, particles, and skydiving from the edge of space. And that was just the beginning. Earlier this week, GeekWire documented our favorite lowlights of 2012 with our list of biggest Tech Debacles of the Year. Now it’s time for the highlights, starting with a series of breakthroughs and accomplishments at the intersection of technology and… Read More


Boeing wants to take down space junk with clouds of gas

Orbital debris, also known as space junk, is a problem that many people in government and the commercial space industry are hoping to solve — clearing the Earth’s orbit of old satellites and other equipment. So here is Boeing’s idea: Get rid of the rubble with clouds of gas. In a patent application recently made… Read More


No borders: Space heroes join together for epic night

They were all up on stage when the cosmonaut Valery Kubasov was introduced. With a lapel full of medals he strode across stage. As he walked past Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell, and almost every other living American space hero, the Soviet anthem blared out over the audience. Soyuz nyerushimyy respublik svobodnykh / Splotila naveki Velikaia Rus. I wasn’t… Read More

The coolest room ever!!!

Photos: A rare peek inside the Space Shuttle trainer

Some people in the Seattle region might have been disappointed last year when we didn’t land a real Space Shuttle. But after getting a behind-the-scenes look at the Space Shuttle trainer being assembled at Seattle’s Museum of Flight, I walked away feeling like we got lucky. This thing is awesome. Over the 30-year life of… Read More

Curiosity 200

Amazon’s cloud powering NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover

Amazon, the online super-retailer and South Lake Union Overlord, has the cloud computing system that best suits NASA’s latest and greatest mission to Mars — storing images and data from the space rover Curiosity’s mission. As reported by the LA Times, NASA‘s Jet Propulsion Laboratory picked Amazon’s web services for its Mars Exploration Rover and Mars… Read More


Dear NASA: Nice work landing on Mars — maybe now you should dump Windows XP?

Attention, Microsoft: It’s probably time to send a sales rep to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. A video by Boing Boing, showing NASA officials celebrating the historic landing of the Curiosity rover on Mars last night, provided a different type of curiosity for Windows watchers. Namely, why is the space agency still running an 11-year-old version… Read More


Space Nerds Rejoice! The Super Guppy is on its way

Calling all space-exploration enthusiasts, aerospace aficionados and other flight geeks: the Museum of Flight announced today that a vital piece of its full-scale Space Shuttle Trainer, the crew cabin section, will arrive June 30 via the NASA plane dubbed the “Super Guppy.” Personally, we were kind of hoping that NASA would’ve come up with something more… Read More


Pictures: Boeing drops its spaceship from 14,000 feet

 Here’s another milestone in the commercial space race: Boeing says it completed a successful test yesterday of the parachute drop system for its CST-100 spacecraft, releasing the capsule from a helicopter at 14,000 feet. Boeing says the test, conducted over the Delamar Dry Lake Bed near Alamo, Nev., involved the entire landing system of the… Read More


Space robot company may pull an asteroid into orbit

More details emerged today about Planetary Resources, and the Bellevue-based startup’s plans are sounding more and more like something out of a science fiction novel. One idea the company is considering: Bringing an asteroid into orbit near Earth to allow robots to mine it for precious metals, according to a New York Times article today… Read More


First piece of Seattle’s Space Shuttle Trainer arrives

Seattle’s Museum of Flight today unpacked the first piece of its new Space Shuttle Trainer, unveiling one of three engine bells from the full-scale orbiter replica, which was used as a simulator to train every astronaut since the 1970s. First impression: This is going to bigger than I had imagined. The replica engine bell alone… Read More