Intellectual Ventures responds to This American Life, insists it doesn’t sue through shell companies

Intellectual Ventures, responding this afternoon to This American Life’s latest report on its patent dealings, denies that it uses shell companies to pursue patent lawsuits on its behalf. The statement specifically denies any ownership or control of a mysterious firm, Oasis Research, that filed suit against 18 tech companies using a patent purchased from Intellectual Ventures,… Read More

Nathan Myhrvold

Nathan Myhrvold meets Slashdot: This should be interesting

Online Q&As with public figures are all the rage these days, but one coming up next week is definitely worth watching. Nathan Myhrvold, the former Microsoft technology chief who now runs patent and technology company Intellectual Ventures, will take part in a Live Q&A on Slashdot next week. If this were baseball, it would be… Read More