Feist at Village Studios in LA. The singer's performance will debut on the Starbucks Digital Network.

Starbucks Digital Network gets first look at music from Feist

Starting today, visitors to the Starbucks Digital Network will get a special musical treat along with their shot of espresso. The Seattle coffee retailer has partnered with Yahoo to roll out exclusive online video footage from Feist, with the clips appearing on the Starbucks Digital Network for the next two weeks. In the video, the Grammy… Read More


An intro to ‘Geek A Cappella’

I stumbled across some good, old-fashioned geek fun today at the Seattle Symphony’s Day of Music. They call themselves The Baudboys, and they describe their brand of music as “Geek A Cappella.” I knew I was in for something fun when the members pulled off their formal shirts to display black T-shirts with the word… Read More


Morning Radar: Internet bubbles; Dr. Dre meets HTC; and more

Too much money has flowed into too many Internet companies at astronomical valuations, leading Fortune’s Dan Primack to conclude that we are currently experiencing an “economic bubble” in which valuations for venture-backed companies are “spiraling out of control. A good analysis. And speaking of bubbles, Connie Loizos at PEHub talks to Marty Pichinson — aka… Read More


Spotify arrives: The music service we’ve been waiting for?

Intrigued by all the hype surrounding the U.S. launch of the Spotify music service, I ponied up a $9.99 monthly subscription fee this morning to avoid the wait for the invite-only free version and give the full-blown premium experience a try. So far I’m impressed with the simplicity of the interface, and particularly the way… Read More


Amazon alters prices on Cloud Drive amid digital music war

It is being billed as a digital music war. Amazon.com today announced adjustments to the pricing plans of its Cloud Drive and Cloud Player services, a move which Peter Kafka at All Things D humorously notes is part of a “cloud war” directed at Apple’s yet-to-be-released online music service. So, what exactly did Amazon announce… Read More


Nirvana’s Nevermind reborn as interactive iPad app

It seems like ages ago that I was sitting in my college dorm room listening to Nirvana’s Nevermind on my old Onkyo stereo system. It certainly was a transformative album, and for those impacted by the band’s 1991 release, here’s your chance to relive the glory days of Seattle’s grunge era. Seattle startup Treemo Labs,… Read More


Amazon sells Lady Gaga’s ‘Born this Way’ for 99 cents

Lady Gaga released her new album today, and Amazon.com is using the much-anticipated second-full length release from the singer to bolster its own music offerings. Amazon is selling digital downloads of the 14-song album and digital booklet — yes, the entire album — for a mere 99 cents. Peter Kafka at All Things D notes… Read More


Coming soon to our local Laser Dome: Bieber Fever

Seattle’s Pacific Science Center Laser Dome is one of our favorite local attractions — a geeky night out that everyone should experience at least once. And if you’re not a fan of Laser Floyd, Laser Beatles or any of the other old-school standards on the Laser Dome lineup, you’ll soon have another option, if you… Read More


Amazon Cloud Drive: What the critics, naysayers and fanboys say

Since its debut Monday night, Amazon.com’s new Cloud Drive music storage service has attracted plenty of attention. (Team GeekWire, in fact, entertained two TV news crews today that wanted to talk about its implications). Cloud Drive is a big deal, and the consumer reaction so far has been pretty positive. After all, the idea that… Read More


Amazon unveils Cloud Drive, a cloud-based online music service

Can Amazon.com knock Apple off its digital music perch? The Seattle online retailer sure is trying to make inroads against its larger rival, and the company’s latest effort is Cloud Drive. The new digital music storage service allows users to store their personal collections in the cloud, and then access the songs (or videos for… Read More