Video: How social algorithms shape Microsoft’s msnNOW

Microsoft’s new msnNOW portal combines data from social networks and search, along with some editorial judgment, to provide a view of the stories and topics generating the most buzz in online communities. During a briefing today on Microsoft’s campus, hosted by chief research and strategy officer Craig Mundie, the company’s demos included a behind-the-scenes glimpse… Read More


Microsoft launches msnNOW, tracking trends using data from Facebook, Twitter, Bing

Microsoft’s MSN is launching a new site called msnNOW, serving up the latest buzzworthy stories using technology that analyzes Twitter, Facebook, Bing and to identify trending topics by the minute. It’s targeted at younger readers, part of a broader attempt to inject new life into the aging Internet portal. Here’s the summary from a… Read More


MSN debuts Onpoint, the ‘ultimate women’s app’

Microsoft’s MSN has already targeted the dudes with a “men’s lifestyle” app, debuting “Onit” for Windows Phone, iPad and iPhone earlier this year. Now, there’s one for the ladies. The company this morning released a new app called Onpoint, calling it the “ultimate women’s app.” So what’s it about? From the MSN blog post: “You barely have… Read More

Scott Moore

MSN executive Scott Moore leaves Microsoft for Yell Group

Scott Moore, the executive producer who headed up Microsoft’s MSN portal in the U.S., is leaving the company to join Yell Group as chief digital officer. Yell, an online directories company with roots in yellow pages advertising, announced the news of Moore’s appointment this morning, after AllThingsD last week broke the news that Moore was… Read More


Now editing MSN: Hugh Jackman

Microsoft’s MSN is looking to tap into some starpower to spark new interest in the Internet portal. X-Men star Hugh Jackman, whose robot-fighting movie Real Steel opens today, is serving as a “guest celebrity editor” of the site today, which basically means that he gets to pick some of the stories to be featured on the… Read More


Microsoft’s MSN releases ‘Onit’ app for iPhone, iPad

Microsoft this morning continued its steady pace of app development for Apple’s iOS, as the company’s MSN unit released a version of its “Onit” men’s lifestyle app for iPad and iPhone. The app was already on Windows Phone 7. Onit aggregates male-oriented content (think science, history, sex, cars, beer, etc.) from content sources including MSN, Esquire,,… Read More