Microsoft, Motorola Solutions to share technology with patent licensing agreement

Microsoft today announced a patent licensing agreement with Motorola Solutions, enabling the two companies to share technology. The license will provide coverage under Microsoft’s patent portfolio for Motorola Solutions’ devices running Android and Chrome OS. Note that this is Motorola Solutions, not Motorola Mobility, the company that Lenovo bought from Google for $2.91 billion in January…. Read More


Intellectual Ventures to battle Google in court over mobile patents this week

For the first time ever, Intellectual Ventures finds itself in patent court this week. The Bellevue-based company run by former Microsoft technology chief Nathan Myhrvold is in a battle with Google’s Motorola Mobility unit over patents relating to smartphone technologies. Intellectual Ventures originally sued Motorola back in 2011 and was ultimately unsuccessful in reaching a licensing deal. As a… Read More


Lead juror in Microsoft vs. Motorola was genetics pioneer Mary-Claire King

Mary-Claire King, the famed scientist who discovered the link between the BRCA1 gene and many forms of breast and ovarian cancer, is portrayed by Helen Hunt in “Decoding Annie Parker,” scheduled for theatrical release this fall. Thankfully for movie-goers, the film doesn’t include the mind-numbing details of the past week of King’s life. By pure happenstance,… Read More


Microsoft wins jury verdict vs. Motorola; $14M in damages is half of what Microsoft sought

Updated with Google comment. A federal jury in Seattle ruled in Microsoft’s favor this afternoon in a patent dispute with Motorola Solutions — finding unanimously that Motorola breached its contractual obligations when it offered to license key tech patents to Microsoft for significantly more than what the court determined to be fair and reasonable terms…. Read More


Microsoft vs. Motorola: It’s game day, and the jury is dressed accordingly

Updated with details of Motorola’s closing argument. After a trial lasting more than a week, lawyers for Microsoft and Motorola are making their closing arguments in U.S. District Court in Seattle this morning, before the jury starts its deliberations in the high-profile patent case this afternoon. Even after hours upon hours of testimony about esoteric… Read More


Microsoft patent chief in court: We weren’t trying to put Motorola out of business

How far apart are Microsoft and Motorola these days? They can’t even agree on what they’re arguing about. The trial under way between the companies in U.S. District Court in Seattle is ostensibly about patents needed to implement wireless and video standards, but the primary focus this afternoon was something different — Microsoft’s separate patent… Read More


Microsoft vs. Motorola: Jury seated, patent trial set to start

A jury of seven women and one man will hear opening statements in federal court in Seattle this afternoon in a high-profile patent suit between Microsoft and Motorola —a key case in a broader set of disputes between Microsoft and Google, the smartphone maker’s parent company. After seating the jury and dismissing them for lunch,… Read More


Moto X: A Google phone made in the USA starting at $199

If you’re an Android fan and want to have hundreds of color selections for a smartphone, well, Google’s new device might be for you. Google’s Motorola unit today unveiled the Moto X, the first phone built by Motorola since Google acquired the company for $12.5 billion two years ago. It’s not anything revolutionary, but there are a few cool… Read More


iPhone sales stay hot as shipments of smartphones set to pass feature phones in 2013

Smartphones are taking over the world. Well, not really. But the latest estimates from the International Data Corporation indicate that 2013 will be the first time worldwide smartphone shipments exceed those of feature phones. The IDC said today that it expects 2013 smartphone shipments to grow by an astounding 32.7 percent from last year to 958.8… Read More


Judge: Motorola can’t block sales of Xbox, Windows

Motorola Mobility won’t be able to block the import and sale of Xbox or Windows, a federal judge in Seattle has ruled — siding with Microsoft on one of the key issues in its patent dispute with the Google-owned mobile phone maker. The ruling was made by U.S. District Judge James Robart, who will separately… Read More


Microsoft vs. Motorola: Courtroom cleared as secret Xbox details discussed

With the general manager of Microsoft’s Xbox hardware group on the stand in the company’s patent trial vs. Motorola, a federal judge in Seattle this morning cleared the courtroom of spectators and reporters at Microsoft’s request. Exhibits in the case include secret details of the next-generation Xbox, code-named Durango. A Motorola lawyer was expected to… Read More


Motorola wants to collect royalties on Microsoft Surface, too

Reporting from federal court: Microsoft’s patent dispute with Motorola focuses largely on technologies used by Windows and the Xbox 360, but the Redmond company’s new Surface tablet computer has been the subject of a couple questions today, on the opening day of the closely watched patent trial at U.S. District Court in Seattle. Why? It turns… Read More


Microsoft vs. Motorola patent trial begins, with brief Xbox ‘Durango’ mention

The patent trial pitting Microsoft vs. Google’s Motorola Mobility is getting underway in federal court in Seattle, with a standing-room-only crowd of lawyers and other observers packing the courtroom of U.S. District Judge James Robart. The judge started the morning by saying he hasn’t seen this many people in the room since the case over… Read More


Microsoft calls on Google to make ‘comprehensive’ patent peace in Motorola dispute

[Updated below with Motorola statement] Microsoft’s top lawyer this morning called on Google to “engage in serious discussions” toward a wide-ranging patent licensing deal that would end the thicket of litigation between the Redmond company and Google’s Motorola mobile phone unit. The blog post by Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith is the latest twist in… Read More


Legislators rally against possible Xbox 360 import ban

It’s not often that Congress argues in favor of video game consoles, but it appears all bets are off when the issue is patents. Members of the U.S. House of Representatives from both parties have been writing letters to the International Trade Commission, siding with Microsoft and others in the tech industry on the issue… Read More


Google’s antitrust complaint vs. Microsoft and Nokia escalates patent battle

Google said Thursday that it has filed an antitrust complaint against Microsoft and Nokia in Europe, the latest move in a high-stakes dispute among the companies over patents. The complaint targets the sale of about 2,000 patents by Microsoft and Nokia to MOSAID Technologies, an intellectual property licensing firm that focuses on patent licensing as opposed… Read More