What can you learn from your Twitter archive?

Twitter and I go way back, which is funny to say. If there’s anything the fast talking social network has never handled well, it’s history. Twitter is caught in the moment. A million takes on a moment, sure. But when the moment moves on, so does Twitter. Until now. Twitter last week gave all its users… Read More


GeekWire’s Gift Guide: 13 great geeky gifts from Seattle

We asked, you answered, and here’s the result. From cheap to whoooooa pricey, here are our picks for 13 great local gifts for geeks … Geocaching premium membership – $10 for 3 months If your geek is the adventurous type, she might appreciate being introduced to this growing community of treasure hunters. Geocaching, powered by… Read More


Suggest a geeky gift for our second annual gift guide

Shopping for geeks this year? Why not get them something from Seattle’s own entrepreneurial backyard? We’re on the lookout for local products and services to recommend in GeekWire’s second annual Seattle Geek Gift Guide. Are you selling something geeks who buy local would love? Books, services, subscriptions, gadgets, knick-knacks — if it’s from here and it’s… Read More

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Hey, Seattle – want to wiki?

So. Seattle. Do we wiki or what? Seth Vincent thinks it’d be fun. The recent Olympia transplant started SeattleWiki and has spent the last couple months knocking on digital doors, asking for help, support, collaboration — whatever it takes to make this Seattle city wiki the that finally, actually, works. Why? Because maybe we’d like… Read More


Am I nuts if I don’t want a tablet?

I have a confession to make. The Surface is here, the iPad is everywhere, Jeff Bezos is promoting Kindle Fires again and tablets of all kinds are guaranteed to fly off the shelves on Black Friday and beyond. But I still don’t want one. Am I nuts? I’ve heard the arguments for a couple years… Read More


UW policy restricting reporter tweets is not just claiming rights, but taking turf

In 2009, the Southeastern Conference, one of the most powerful in college sports, tried something stupid. In a hopeless and short-lived social media policy, it banned fans from tweeting, updating Facebook or sharing in any way live posts from its games. Many are calling the University of Washington’s athletic department just as ignorant this week… Read More


Do you binge-watch TV? 6 ways to justify your habit

You finish a great episode of a great show. You want to watch the next one, but you’ve already seen three of these and it’s getting late. Do you press play? If so, you’ve developed the tech-enabled entertainment habit known as binge viewing. And some people think you’re doing it wrong. “Slow down,” wrote Jim… Read More


Apple Maps vs. my brain

Damn you, Apple Maps. But not for the reasons you think. “So, right now, if I asked you what direction Portland was, you really don’t know?” my husband asked me the other day. I smiled and shook my head. He’s plumbed the depths of my directional incompetence for five years and still can’t believe it…. Read More