Study: Ugly men have a tougher time raising venture capital

When it comes to raising cash, you’re better off looking a bit like Brad Pitt or David Beckham. A new study out from researchers at MIT, Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania indicates that men who are less physically attractive have a much harder time raising money. It also indicates that women have a harder… Read More


Seattle vs. Denver: Who is the winner of the startup bowl?

Oh, the mountains; the music; and the marijuana. Seattle and Denver — the two crunchy Western cities — share a lot in common. (Though, we’re smarter and richer here on the Puget Sound). And now these two up-and-comers are facing off in the Super Bowl — or as some have dubbed it “The Bong Bowl.” We’ve… Read More


The rich get richer: VC dollars concentrate in top funds

Well, it’s the same old story in the venture capital business. The dominant big funds keep gaining momentum, while the smaller, lesser known funds struggle to raise money. According to a report out today by Thomson Reuters and the National Venture Capital Association, a total of 48 funds raised $4.9 billion during the fourth quarter…. Read More


Still recovering from ‘painful’ Webvan deal, Sequoia bets again on grocery delivery with $8.5M Instacart investment

You know what they say about history: “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” Well, let’s hope that Sequoia Capital — one of the biggest backers of dot-com poster child Webvan — have learned from past mistakes. Today, the Silicon Valley venture capital firm emerged as the lead investor in Instacart. The San Francisco… Read More

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Tips: How to ask strangers for large sums of money

Seattle is a hotbed of business happy hours — those awkward events designed for introducing people whose only known shared interest is that they’d rather be home watching Downton Abbey. It’s hard to find meaningful connection in a room teeming with stunted introductions and feigned interest. But one noted exception are the events hosted by Zealyst,… Read More

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You did what? Why we chose debt over venture capital

If you’re an entrepreneur, there’s a good chance that many of your conversations — and a good chunk of your inner dialogue — are consumed by thoughts of fundraising. You can’t open a web browser or email or Twitter without being bombarded by opinion pieces, research, case studies, and news on the topic. On this… Read More

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Proof of concept: Majority of angel investments made in revenue producing startups

Angel investors historically have placed bets at the earliest stages of a company’s formation, oftentimes when the business is nothing more than an idea on the back of a napkin. But as the venture capital marketplace shifts, so is angel investing. According to a new report out today from The Angel Resource Institute, Silicon Valley Bank and CB Insights,… Read More


Chart: The ‘Series A Crunch’ is alive and well

A lot has been written in recent weeks about the so-called “Series A Crunch” — the idea that many of the companies raising seed-rounds won’t be able to attract that ever-so-important next round of capital. Now, here’s a chart from Pitchbook which shows what is occurring. As you’ll see above, the number of seed-stage/angel deals… Read More


Energy storage upstart EnerG2 scores new cash

EnerG2, a manufacturer of carbon materials which are used in next-generation energy storage systems such as lead acid batteries, ultracapacitors and lithium ion batteries, has raised $9.3 million in financing, according to a SEC filing. “Our investors have seen the successful transition EnerG2 has made from its roots as an energy storage R&D company to… Read More


Podcast Preview: The state of the Seattle startup market with Tomo co-founder Tony Wright

Seattle entrepreneur Tony Wright’s announcement earlier this week that he plans to relocate to Silicon Valley to build his latest company sent shockwaves through the startup community. It wasn’t so much that Wright — a well-respected and well-known startup vet who is now building a company called Tomo– was leaving. That happens all of the… Read More


Tech: The worst IPOs of 2011

The tech industry has produced some of the fastest growing companies on the planet, from in online retail to Google in Internet search. But is tech the best place to park your money when looking at initial public offerings? Interestingly, at least this year, the answer is a definite no. An analysis by Daniel… Read More


Twitter confirms ‘significant’ funding round, now claims more than 200 million Tweets per day

After weeks of speculation, Twitter confirmed today in a blog post that it has closed a “significant round of funding” led by the Russian firm DST Global. “We will use these resources to aggressively innovate, hire more great people and invest in international expansion,” the San Francisco company wrote. Previous backers of the company include… Read More