GeekWire Podcast: AT&T, T-Mobile and a wild week in tech

This week on the GeekWire Podcast: We look back on one of the biggest weeks we can remember in technology news, including AT&T’s proposed acquisition of T-Mobile USA, Apple’s trademark dispute with, and Microsoft’s patent case against Barnes & Noble over Android. Mobile industry veteran Paul Griff, the CEO of RootMetrics, joins us as… Read More


Weekend Reading: Apple vs., the full text

Who needs a novel when there are juicy court filings to read? When the news broke this week that Apple had filed a trademark suit against Amazon over the “App Store” phrase, the actual text of the complaint wasn’t yet publicly available in the online court records. But it is now, and it offers some… Read More

Swype (the unofficial version) comes to the iPhone

What’s next for Swype? Old-school ‘tapping’

Swype founder Cliff Kushler invented one of the most innovative text-input technologies, allowing users of touchscreen devices to quickly input text with the simple swipe of the finger. But not everyone “Swypes.” And for those who don’t, the Seattle startup is working to add the more traditional method of inputting text: tapping. That may seem… Read More

Jen McEwen

Apple hits adult ‘app store’ MiKandi with cease-and-desist over trademark isn’t the only company being targeted by Apple for using the phrase “app store” in conjunction with its Android marketplace. Seattle-based MiKandi, which bills itself as “the world’s first app store for adults,” received its own cease-and-desist request from Apple this month, asking the company to stop using the phrase. It’s not MiKandi’s first… Read More

Joe Wallin and William Carleton

Angel investing 101: The iPhone app version

When it comes to enjoyable activities in life, the legal intricacies of angel financing deals might rank just above a root canal. But two Seattle startup attorneys are having a little fun with their profession, creating a new iPhone app called Angel Trivia Daily that educates and informs those entrepreneurs thinking about pursuing investment capital…. Read More


Google: Microsoft’s Android claims ‘threaten innovation’

Google itself hasn’t yet been named as a defendant in any of Microsoft’s patent litigation over Android, but the search giant obviously has a vested interest in the case as the company behind the mobile operating system. Now Google is speaking out against Microsoft’s actions. “Sweeping software patent claims like Microsoft’s threaten innovation,” the company… Read More


AT&T’s T-Mobile bid? There’s a (Verizon) map for that

Tracking huge corporate acquisitions can feel at times like stepping into the Twilight Zone, and it looks like AT&T’s $39 billion agreement to purchase T-Mobile USA will be no exception. AT&T, which has famously battled with Verizon over the quality and size of their respective networks, is including this slide in the supporting materials for… Read More

Snaptu's Facebook app for feature phones

Facebook’s latest acquisition: No mobile phone left behind

Sure, smartphones get all the headlines these days, but what about devices on the other end of the bell curve? Good, old-fashioned feature phones are the focus of Facebook’s latest acquisition, which was confirmed this morning by the company being acquired: Snaptu. The mobile startup, based in Israel, makes apps including Facebook, Twitter, Picassa and… Read More


Wired: Amazon’s Android app store set to debut Tuesday plans to unveil its much-anticipated Android app store on Tuesday, according to a report in Wired. There’s been plenty of speculation in recent weeks about the online retailer’s plans to create an online destination for Android applications, similar to Apple’s app store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad applications, and an alternative to the… Read More


Nokia CEO: Why would Microsoft want to buy us?

Shortly after Stephen Elop joined Nokia as CEO, speculation arose that Elop’s former employer, Microsoft, might make a move to buy the Finnish mobile phone giant. And while the two companies have already entered into an alliance, Elop today tossed a little cold water on the theory that Microsoft may want to buy the company… Read More


A Windows Phone App … just for the dudes

How do you attract young men to your new slate of mobile phones? Well, you could show them photos of fast cars, swimsuit models and sports stars. That’s the idea behind MSN Onit, a new mobile phone app for Windows Phone 7. “The guy’s guide to girls, cars, gadgets, fitness and life advice–plus a touch… Read More


Sprint CEO Dan Hesse: Clearwire will be a part of our 4G future

It has been pretty interesting to watch the back-and-forth negotiating between Clearwire and Sprint Nextel, much of which has taken place in the press. The two companies have been engaged in an ongoing dispute over how much Sprint Nextel pays to utilize Clearwire’s 4G WiMax network. Sprint also has been weighing options related to long-term… Read More


How Microsoft is using Angry Birds to boost Bing

Is this the ultimate product placement? Microsoft is expanding its relationship with Rovio, the developers of the hit mobile game “Angry Birds,” to boost its Bing search engine. Under the partnership, users of the iPhone and Android versions of the game who fail a level three times will be prompted from inside the game to… Read More


Report: Microsoft paying Nokia $1B

New details are out this afternoon on the financial terms of Microsoft’s partnership with Nokia — confirming once again that it ain’t easy, or cheap, to outbid Google. Bloomberg News, citing two unnamed sources, reports that Microsoft has agreed to pay Nokia more than $1 billion to “promote and develop” Windows Phone devices under the… Read More